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Dibba and Dabba

by Mole Mobile LTD
Dibba and Dabba is a fun filled action packed adventure which is reminiscent of the good old days when retro gaming ruled!

It uses 2D pixel art graphics with an orthographic birds eye view of the playing area.

The game is an addictive action / adventure where you play the role of Dabba in your
quest to rescue your best friend Dibba who has been abducted by the evil aliens and
monsters that have taken over the earth.

You must battle your way through ten levels collecting the keys and avoiding the enemies.
You only have a certain amount of time to complete the level so speed is of the essence,
but you need to tread carefully as there are many enemies!

There are levels such as the city, forest, mountains and dungeons in this lovely little game
which is fun, simple and addictive - there are no complicated rules or controls, you simply
run and jump to dodge the baddies.

Packed with cool characters, nice little animations and retro graphics, Dibba and Dabba
is a fun filled adventure for all age groups - get it now for FREE!

Complete the levels as quick as you can to get to the top of the Leaderboard

DOWNLOAD Dibba and Dabba for FREE today! Its a FREE download!

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We hope you enjoy Dibba and Dabba!

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Best Regards from Mole Mobile

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Dibba and Dabba Dibba and Dabba Dibba and Dabba Dibba and Dabba Dibba and Dabba

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