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Commodore 64

by Manomio LLC
** Awards! **
Voted Game of the Year (People's Choice), :
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Voted runner up, Best Retro Reborn for Best App Ever '09 awards:

• Now supports iCADE and compatible devices!

Latest games:
- The Last Ninja I, II, III, International Karate, Armalyte

Key Features:
- iCADE support
- Authentic C64 gaming experience
- OpenFeint support in select games
- Detailed C64 retro keyboard
- Portrait and landscape play
- Additional titles via in-app purchases, both paid and free
- Classic sounds
- Fullscreen gaming
- Auto-save, to continue exactly where you left off
- And some of the best games from the golden era…

Open Feint
Thought you were the best at Uridium, Lemans or Paradroid? Now is your chance to prove it with global leaderboards using OpenFeint
- Leaderboard support for Uridium, Nebulus / Tower Toppler, Paradroid, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck, Lemans, Uridium, Trailblazer, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Space Taxi, Bristles™, Boulder Dash® II, Flip & Flop™
- Achievements for select games, including Jupiter Lander, Paradroid and Lemans
NOTE: You must be playing with the trainer disabled to participate in OF.

In App Purchases
- Free titles include:
-Samurai Warrior, Laser Squad, Iridis Alpha and many more
- Paid titles
- International Karate, The Last Ninja I, II & III, Armalyte, Hunter's Moon, Space Taxi, Wizball, Uridium, Paradroid, Storm Lord, Nebulus / Tower Toppler, AlletKat, Boulder Dash® II, Bristles™, Flip & Flop™, Panic Button™, Super Pipeline I & II, and so many more!

Manomio brings back the best selling personal computer of all time: the one and only officially licensed Commodore 64 for your iPhone and iPod Touch! This version provides an authentic reproduction 8 original games.

Included are Dragons Den, Le Mans, International Basketball, International Soccer, International Tennis, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck and Jack Attack.

Recent changes:
• Removed B.LEE, Mancopter and O'Riley's Mine

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Commodore 64 Commodore 64 Commodore 64 Commodore 64

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