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by kazuhiko sakaguchi
I'll help to cry to go away until you can, a frog to put up with that so cry is angry teacher!

• The attempt to strengthen the Kerotan was accumulated in the "Gaman point"!
And growth system installed where ever get strong!
-Not that you can not play in vertical Handle!

◇How to Play◇
• When you tap flowing, the (round yellow face) put up drugs, to increase (HP, hit the time limit) is patience and power point.
• No use by tapping the (red guy) juice. Lacrimal gland would loose!
• When you tap the item depicted and x2, point of 10 seconds each tap is doubled! 4x, 8x, 16x ..., magnification is applied more and more and take again in 10 seconds!

◇level up◇
• Put up power runs out in about 10 seconds in the initial state, but at the point where the accumulated, by the level up "G Power", maximum patience power increases!
• The higher you a little, but if you level up the "rack", point to enter the one hand to tap every increase much!

Now, I will to compete with the world where you can stand!

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GamanRun! GamanRun! GamanRun!

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