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Mega Jump

by Get Set Games
“Mega Jump is a standard-bearer for mobile gaming.” - Destructoid

★ ★ Over 19 Million Players! Join in! ★ ★

“The best casual endless game in the App Store” -

"Superb" - Slide to Play

"Incredibly addictive" - Gamezebo

“You’ll be amazed with how long you’re going to be playing!” - Appmodo

Get ready to blast off on an epic jumping journey with Mega Jump!

Collect coins, grab crazy powerups, and evade monsters to boost yourself to the edge of the Universe and beyond!

Mega Jump has got what you need:

★ Eye-popping cartoon graphics and beautiful multi-layered backdrops

★ Grab the Fireball and Super Nova Mega Boosts and hang on for a fiery ride!

★ Collect coins and stars for big points and huge combo boosts!

★ Upgradable powerups! Use the coins you collect to unlock items that make your player bigger, better and faster!

★ Turn into a Balloon! Strap on some Jump Boots! Become a Coin Magnet! Hover with the Action Umbrella or zap enemies with the Power Shield!

★ Two magical worlds to explore!

★ Multiple stages - try to reach the edge of space and beyond!

★ Watch out for killer items and monsters that'll stop you dead in your tracks!

★ TV-out support!

★ Unlock all kinds of awesome new characters to play with!

★ Hilarious sound effects and a bumping sound track!

★ Regular updates with new features and upgrades!

★ Dozens of unlockable achievements for maximum gamerscore!

★ Online worldwide leaderboards with Openfeint and Game Center!

★ Compete with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

What are you waiting for? Grab Mega Jump and start jumping!

Mega Jump has over 16 million players and counting, and reached the #1 App spot in 28 countries! Thanks to all the Mega Jumpers out there!

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Recent changes:
Hey Mega Jumpers! Thank you so much for making Mega Jump one of the most popular games on Earth! 19 million players and counting! Your support and feedback has meant the world to us. Now get ready for yet another huge update! Here's what is new in Mega Jump Update 16: Pocket Powers! - Pocket Powers give you a chance to load up with powerups each time you play! - Customize your game - choose up to 3 powerups to bring into the game with you! - The Mega version of each powerup in the store is available to try for very low prices! - Give yourself a challenge! Make stages longer, remove all powerups or strap on the lead foot! Weekly Ranks! - Compete against your friends on OpenFeint and Game Center for the highest score of the week! - Check it out on the all new Game Over screen - it's beautiful! And much more! - Brag about your high scores in style with iOS 5 Twitter support! - New stuff all the time! Keep an eye out for more limited edition goodies in the store coming soon! - Improved performance and stability on all devices! Thank you for being one of the millions of people playing Mega Jump! Mega Jump has the best players in the world and we want to thank you for making Mega Jump such a massive hit! If you like Mega Jump and want to see more of these awesome updates, please rate it 5 stars in iTunes after every update! Until next time: keep on jumping! Join us on the Mega Jump Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter:

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Mega Jump Mega Jump Mega Jump Mega Jump Mega Jump

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