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Guardian of the Forest Pro

by ElvisGames
The forest was once the apple of the guardian's eye. But now he doesn't have time to admire it anymore, as it is crawling with beings of unknown origin, and they must be stopped. Help the guardian get his payback and restore the nature's normal course.
Your must guide the brave attendant to the end portal of each level, by using three types of lines, each with a different elasticity. Go through 30 awesome and fun levels to get to the source of the forest's problem. Swift jumps and use of just the right bounce force might be just what the forest needs - a star guardian willing to risk his life for the good of what he protects. Without your help the forest might be lost forever to the evil invaders.
You are not alone in your quest. Find useful power-ups planted along the way, as the forest still has some force left to help its faithful attendants. Combined with your time-bending special ability, you should have no problem in saving the forest.
What's New:
- Smooth and addictive gameplay
- 30 new exciting and challenging levels
- Delightful, well polished graphics
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Guardian of the Forest Pro Guardian of the Forest Pro Guardian of the Forest Pro Guardian of the Forest Pro

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