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Flyz Free

by SilentLogic Studios
** This is the FREE ad-supported version ** Full version has global high scores.

Fun frantic addictive gameplay with colorful graphics!

Give those yummy Flyz a good tongue lashing!
Touch the screen to fling your tongue to catch bugs and eat them.
Flyz are hard to see and can only be caught when they become solid.
Wasps are mean. Don't touch them when they are angry!
Watch out for the goo that comes out of flies and wasps. Eat it before it hits you!
Catch all the flies and wasps to move onto the next wave.

How many waves can you go through before you starve?

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Recent changes:
- Updated flies art. They're cuter to eat now! **Attention, global high score is only in the full version. ** Buy it now on sale! Compete for the top score!

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Flyz Free Flyz Free

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