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Bravest Warriors 3D

by Academ Media
The army of darkness has finally gathered enough power to set off a magic war against the army of light. Ravens and vultures hover in the dark sky, waiting for an easy prey. When the evil empire is plotting against the fantasy world, it's time for the knights of glory to reunite and fight the army of the dark avenger!

A lone survivor, a swordsman, a magician, knights and dragons ― all ready to get themselves into the most epic magic battle in history of the fantastic world! But the outcome of this fantasy war depends on you, the bravest warrior of the light. Prepare to fight the demons of your worst nightmares and never lose hope!

HOW TO PLAY: Use arrows to choose directions. Tap to use your sword or magic weapons. With a magician handbook in your bag, you can fight the disgusting offshoots of the darkness, in with your faithful sword you can win any swords battle. Good luck!

Bravest Warriors 3D is a pearl for all fans of fantasy fighting games! If you've already played defense games and are good at sword fighting and magic spells, you'll know what to do in our Bravest Warriors 3D game!

Bravest Warriors 3D features:
- challenging fantasy warrior 3d game with an intriguing plot
- realistic sword sounds and magic spells effects
- spectacular warrior fight in 3D graphics
- easy control, 3rd person view
- colorful and realistic characters

Don't let the darkness win. Fight until your last breath. Fight until the end. For you are the Bravest Warrior, and the bravest never lose.

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Bravest Warriors 3D Bravest Warriors 3D Bravest Warriors 3D Bravest Warriors 3D

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