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Avoid the Neon Circles
Mihai Motroc
Follow the path and avoid the neon circles. How far can you go without touching those circles? It's really easy and fun: drag your finger inside the red line to make your circle move and release to stop it. Features:...
A Soccer Balls Cup Drop
Fritz Charles
100 Soccer Balls is a new addicting app that will keep you hooked. "Easy Controls. Just tap the screen to drop the soccer balls. Make sure you time your time properly or you will lose your balls. Don’t let your cups...
Baby Ear Dctor
Liaoran Chen
Monster baby is sick, her ears are infected with the bacteria, becoming more and more serious. So she came to the clinic, I hope you can help her heal her ears. Try it!
Flap The Wings Colored Bird - Addictive Impossible Game
Juan Ramirez
**SUPER ADDICTED GAME** Flap The Wings Colored Bird is one of the most challenging and addictive games. SMASH HIT GAME! Join the flap craze of birds and see for yourself what the craze is all about! Note: iPhone 4 and...
Flappy Craft Thunderstorm Shower
Anwer Hussain
The aircraft is struck in thunderstorm, Very much struggling to fly. A fun game for kids and adults, People of all ages. Guide aircraft to cross all the thunderstorm levels and save your aircraft. Easy to control, Tap...
Kill The Pillow
Daniel Arze
Use any ball and try to activate all the switches to Kill The Pillow. Kill The Pillow is a physics-based gameplay so you are going to have total control when throwing the balls. Each world has a different difficulty...
Flying Slender Man: Chase The Rising Fear
Amy Prizer
Do you have a love of black nights, creepy skies, and all things spooky? It's a scary night when the moon is full and you're just trying to get home! With this exciting game, it's not just luck that will get you home...
Fall in Cave
Juan Carlos Sedano Salas
A fun game that requires fast reflexes. You are falling down a cave and the only thing you have is a fire extinguisher to steer your way through the cave and avoid getting hit by rocks. Try to make the highest score...
Ming Li
Want to challenge yourself? Dodge spikes at super speed using cool new "magnetic" control scheme. Scrape along the sides, hover through the middle, or squeeze by at the last millisecond by splitting in tow! Main...
Dead Bunny
Francis Spencer
HURRY UP! Save the bunny tapping the screen and avoiding falling into the ocean and that the evil turtles finish him. Get your highest score and challenge your friends!
kazuhiko sakaguchi
I'll help to cry to go away until you can, a frog to put up with that so cry is angry teacher! • The attempt to strengthen the Kerotan was accumulated in the "Gaman point"! And growth system installed where ever get...
Call of Adventure: King of the Jungle
Abamis IT Solutions
Come experience an unique and exciting adventure. Through the eyes of the king of the jungle, swing and jump from vine to vine while utilizing your tools and weapons to ward off the jungle creatures that will block...
Bouncy UFO
Ming Li
The lovely UFO wandered off its path into the forest. And a evil dark lord wanted to catch this UFO by its laser gun! Try to help the UFO to escape! Simply the screen to help the UFO fly and avoid the deadly lasers to...
Little Pony Heroes - find the princess in her castle FREE
Axis Shift Limited
Bounce through level to level using your best sling shot skills. Can you help rescue the princess in her castle? Have fun in this beautiful arcade game filled with lots of action packed levels. Good Luck!
Hercules Ascent To Heaven - Sky Jumping Game
Melting Pot Games
Want to learn how a Spartan fights? Join them and be a mega warrior! Based on ancient Greece story, happened mainly in Athens, Spartan refers to a member of the Spartiate caste that encompasses the class of mothakes....
Star Avoidance
Julien Capizzi
Welcome to Star Avoidance! Guide your spaceship through the galaxy and avoid incoming comets.
Starship Turret Operator Guy Defense
Tiny Titan Studios
*** SUMMER SALE! 50% off *** PEW PEW! Intense arcade action awaits you in this retro inspired space defense game. Play as a low-level starship employee that has just been promoted to turret operator. Defend against...
Caught Chicks
Phan Quang
Please choose a location on your screen where a mother hen standing. Only 1 pick and catch some chicks on demand.
Bros Must Die
Qi Tang
Bros Must Die is a brain-consuming parkour game. It's the world's first mirror double role parkour game. You have to control two stick man simultaneously, and each one have two actions (jump and roll). Thus there are 4...
Brave Caveman Warriors vs Angy Dinosaur Hunter Timber Park Adventure Challenge
Appityte LLC
Take on the dinosaurs with the strength of the caveman family. Choose your caveman or cave women hero and save your village from the dino attacking. Throw your weapon to destroy the dinosaurs and collect fruit for...