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Cookie Match
M2 Studios
Switch and match your way to the top of the Game Center Leaderboard in this sweet game. Forget about jewels or candy, it's time for a short but fun game with cookies. Join M2 Studios in this easy to play, yet addicting...
Adventure of iCandy
Can you ever imagine how fun this Adventure of iCandy is? Don’t believe it? Download it and try it out right now! More than 200 levels in this beautiful graphics and addictive puzzle adventure will let you “LOST”...
Afternoon Hero
Ofer Rubinstein
Afternoon Hero is a short and sweet old school platformer game. You are on your quest to save your dog which was kidnapped by punks. The game is not long but have a great variety of challenging, hand tailored...
An Indie Game 2
Broken Walls
The unanticipated sequel to An Indie Game! An Indie Game 2 aims to set the bar a bit higher than the previous game. Play through this auto runner as 3 different characters, Max, Abuga and Monster Randy. Jump, shoot,...
Balloon Block Bomber
Andrew Lafong
Balloon Block Bomber is a 2D physics-based game in which you pilot a hot air balloon, dropping grenades to destroy blocks. Work your way through 20 Levels of varying difficulty to test your balloon control and problem...
Balloon Block Bomber Ipad
Andrew Lafong
Balloon Block Bomber is a 2D physics-based game in which you pilot a hot air balloon, dropping grenades to destroy blocks. Work your way through 20 Levels of varying difficulty to test your balloon control and problem...
Blappy Fird - Open Source
Joshua Bell
Tap the screen to fly. Avoid flying into a pipe. Fly in-between the pipes. Open Source! Code and project files available at: https://github.com/joshuabell/BlappyFird
CARP: Circus Acrobat Robot Platformer
Giant Leap Games
"Graphics are excellent and controls work smooth, a truly recommended app." --AppsZoom.com "Simple to learn but the right amount of challenging!" --Kathy "Gets really addicting really fast!" --Jarius **** Use the...
Crush Time
Yan Zhao
Crush Time offers you instant relaxation in crushing bugs! It's the best game to let it out! Crush Time is COMPLETELY FREE to use!
Dodge Planes
Haocheng Liang
Very classic aircraft escape game, play simple. The flight you need to constantly adjust your position to dodge the aircraft. As time goes by flying faster and faster. Is the test of your ability to reflect.
Indiow LLC
Dohjo just wants to play and the cat wants nothing to do with it. Play as the cat and give Dohjo a taste of his own medicine. Your objective is to hit Dohjo with your hairballs while avoiding his squeaky toys. Be...
Escape From Hades
Justin Carter
Escape from Hades is a fast paced, reaction testing game from the depths of Greek Mythology. Help Persephone run by clearing the obstacles in front of her. Watch her journey through Spring and the Underworld with...
Paulo Coutinho
Fly between stages to collect coins. Show to your friends who is the best pilot.
BeeTalk Private Limited
Discover CUTE and FAST-PACED actions in this game today! With over 10 million BeeTalk users to play with, you won’t be lonely playing Bee123. You can play and compete with your Facebook friends too. A COLLECTION OF...
ball air hockey
Play Air Hockey like you have never played before, in 3D! Get on the ice and into the action as you tilt to move, twist to pan, and flick to hit. Use the thumb joystick to reach everywhere including your opponent....
Angry Cat Lady Throw
Zoie Tesheira
The rotten kids of Pleasantville have drove grandma off the deep end. Now, She is the Crazy Cat Lady. She is on a mission to rid Pleasantville of all the rotten kids with her trusty Cat gun. Help her make Pleasantville...
Caveman vs Dino Wars - Pro
Patrick Schroeder
Battle the dinosaurs in this fun and exciting prehistoric adventure game! Caveman needs help! He is trapped with only his stone weapon to save him from the dinosaurs. Collect fruit as you run, jump and shoot at the...
Flappy Thakky
Supattra Jaidee
Help Thakky fly away from army coup and revolution in Thailand. Help him to free from Jail. Avoid any obstacles, barbed wire, and bunkers, along the way. Help him get democracy he want. Who get the best score? Share...
Cut, slice, pop, and squash! It's almost impossible to keep your hands off once you start, you'll notice that! Just one pop more... Meet the funny and cute Kisau Veelas! Use a two-finger pinch move to slice them on the...
Little Ninjas in a clumsy road trip of Zombie Walking
Levi Chulick
Welcome!!! Play as a skilled ninja and fly midair with your jetpack. Try to collect as many gold coins as you can and keep yourself high above the ground by tapping on the screen as rapidly as you want. A game that's...