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The Protector
Dao Lieu
The Protector is a new hugely addicting game. To protect the human from perdition by fighting again alien raiders. Fire your power at alien and use special items to destroy them in thrilling battle. To save the future,...
Skyline Football
Vandy Jenkins
Have a ball playing soccer on your mobile device with Skyline Football. Unlock powerups and try to achieve the almost impossible "Double S–rank"! DEVELOP YOUR PLAYER FROM ROOKIE TO SUPERSTAR Manage your player...
Ting Ge
Bloxx Arcade
Hipnosis Studios LLC
Bloxx is a classic touch screen puzzle game with retro arcade action, it was a great hit in 2000 on coin-op touchscreen terminals. Designed by Nolan Bushnell, best known as the founder of Atari Corporation and Chuck E....
Flick Football : Score Infinite Slide
Alejandro Forero
Save the goalkeeper from lethal shots by swiping and dicing those balls before they get to him. How long would you survive in the balls lethal attack? ***** "This game is incredible" Download NOW Soccer Smash *FREE*...
Five Tiger Generals
Beijing Joyman Technology Co., Ltd.
Five Tiger Generals, the story takes place in the famous historical battles · Battle of Red Cliff, Cao generals retreat Fab Five will be besieged by the way, Cao Cao is awkward placement of the eight kinds of agencies...
My Little Horse Riding Adventure - A Fantasy Magical Kingdom Rescue
Emma Mas jones
My Little Horse is an addictive game that brings the gaming experience of retro consoles right at your fingertips. Help you favorite horse collect as many coins as he can so that you can unlock new characters and new...
Boulder Dash® 30th Anniversary™
Tapstar Interactive Inc.
Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary™ is the first collaboration by Peter Liepa & Chris Gray, the two original creators of the multi-million unit selling Boulder Dash, since the first game in the series was released in...
Baseball Loop Combo Sports Connect - Free HD Match Game Edition
Bradon Thompson
Beat time in this fast-paced action puzzle game in super sports attitude with dedicated baseball theme where you'll be able to connect lines to match different balls to score! Get the most points in under a minute and...
Bird Revenge - Free birds shooting game
Shazia Gul
The Birds have been bothered by Cats, Dogs and Dragons. Their Home, Nest and eggs are ruined by them. Birds were tired of this bothering so they decided to get revenge. Because they can only live peacefully when all of...
Easy to learn,hard to play ! * Your task to move the ball up. * Break your own record and compete with your friends. * This game may annoy you.
Fishing Arcade Lite
The arcade version of fishing elite. Explore some beautiful lake with your boat, you can go anywhere. Adapt your fishing style and choose the right lure. Find the hiding place of the biggest fish. The graphics are very...
連魂 〜 RenCon
yoji Suzuki
cocolo-bit Inc.
隕石をカチ割れ!! ◆あそびかた◆ 隕石と頭が重なった瞬間を狙って画面をタッチ! 頭突きで隕石を壊すぞ! 少し早めにタッチするのがコツ。 JUSTを狙おう。...
Baby Chimp Chomp: Jungle Fruit Bounce
ArdentKid Studios
Can You Help Baby Chimp Chomp Catch His Fruits? Bounce the Fruit to the Basket to make him Happy. FEATURES - 3 Game Modes (Normal, Time and Challenge Mode) - Unlock Upgrades as You Play - FUN for ALL AGES
Exploration & Survival
Jingjing Feng
In Exploration, you enter a survival world. Block wall lock you at the center of the map. here's some notes can help you out: 1. Chests scattered randomly around the arena which contain useful weapons and items. 2. If...
Thief Lupin 2
Thief Lupin, which reached #1 in 22 countries and 8 million downloads, is back with an even more awesome & addictive sequel! Participate in the World Thief Competition and become the greatest thief the planet has ever...
G&T Roguelike Ed.
Simona Portugues Alcaide
"Tap & Game Roguelike Edition" reminds the game watch and handheld electronic games. This game is the sequel to "Game Maze Ed and Tap.". Find the key and escape the maze. Beware of monsters, with cobwebs that...
Cartoon Robot Air-Plane Retro Battle Game for Kids
Dane Mizzles
Fly your hero through the air! Avoid enemy craft and crazy obstacles! Endless 2d flyer style game.
Infinity Blade III - Craft Multiplayer Edition - Survival Mini Games - Pixel Gun 3D Battle - Minecraft Your Blocky Adventure Pocket World
Tinky Lock
If you are a fan of series game "Infinity Blade", you can not miss this game. Iris and Isabella have joined with the Deadly King Samamura in a desperate attempt to destroy the Worker of Secrets and his army of...