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*** Special Launch Price! 33% Off! *** Pentumble combines the joy of a free-flowing platformer with beautiful graphics and levels that are guaranteed to challenge even the most intrepid gamer. Gravity is not an...
Luderia Jogos Digitais Ltda
** CURRENTLY NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IOS 8 :( ** NIGHTMARES AND CREEPY CREATURES WAIT FOR YOU IN THIS AMAZING ONE-FINGER-SHOOTER From the creators of Battle Rides Duel, here comes Spooklands! Spooklands is a unique...
Minecraft with Minecraft Skin Exporter (PC Edition) and Minecraft Seeds Pro - Multiplayer for Minecraft PE and 3D Edition
Roberto Hickcup
Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures. This Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network and 4G, and randomly generated worlds. You can craft,...
Gunship III - Combat Flight Simulator - STRIKE PACKAGE
This game is an expansion pack of the Gunship-III Vietnam War series. Features flyable F-5E, F-105D (coming soon F-105G), F-111A. Players could play online with other aircraft pack. For more info about the Gunship-III...
Hercules Ascent To Heaven - Sky Jumping Game
Melting Pot Games
Want to learn how a Spartan fights? Join them and be a mega warrior! Based on ancient Greece story, happened mainly in Athens, Spartan refers to a member of the Spartiate caste that encompasses the class of mothakes....
Little Pony Heroes - find the princess in her castle FREE
Axis Shift Limited
Bounce through level to level using your best sling shot skills. Can you help rescue the princess in her castle? Have fun in this beautiful arcade game filled with lots of action packed levels. Good Luck!
MEG RVO - Battle for the Territories
Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries
MEG RVO – Battle for the Territories is a rare online multiplayer. This action real-time strategy game is designed for players looking for an immersive and extended game play experience. One team must control all the...
Starship Turret Operator Guy Defense
Tiny Titan Studios
*** SUMMER SALE! 50% off *** PEW PEW! Intense arcade action awaits you in this retro inspired space defense game. Play as a low-level starship employee that has just been promoted to turret operator. Defend against...
Kill The Pillow
Daniel Arze
Use any ball and try to activate all the switches to Kill The Pillow. Kill The Pillow is a physics-based gameplay so you are going to have total control when throwing the balls. Each world has a different difficulty...
Flappy Craft Thunderstorm Shower
Anwer Hussain
The aircraft is struck in thunderstorm, Very much struggling to fly. A fun game for kids and adults, People of all ages. Guide aircraft to cross all the thunderstorm levels and save your aircraft. Easy to control, Tap...
Deep Diver
Ice Cream Media
You are a little orange submarine trapped behind enemy lines trying to escape. Your only hope is to trek through heavily mined waters. Using your expert submarine captaining skills avoid mines and see how far you can...
Dopey Dinosaur and the Meteors
Buzz Interactive Ltd.
Help Dopey Dinosaur escape the meteor shower!  Make your way through themed levels, avoiding the obstacles and grabbing as much fruit as you can to keep Dopey’s energy up.  Boost your score in the bonus stages by...
Ninja Warrior Attack - Samurai Action Hero Siege PAID
Glenn Jenn
You are in control of the white ninja as he makes his way along top of a speeding train fighting the evil black ninjas. The farther you go the more achievements you’ll get. Defeat them all and become the Master...
Mr Lucky!
Vikas Mittal
Mr. Lucky is a niche app to test your luck for the moment. Mr. Lucky is a panda who is on his way to the the tennis court but he has lost his way. You have to guide him by taking simple decisions of either taking left...
Unicorn Dash Attack - Unicorns Rainbow Rush Games Pro
Damian Castro
Help the flying unicorns save their land and castle as the dragons fly in to attack. Fly and shoot the dragons with your magic powers and collect diamonds for points. Build your team and access more unicorns as you...
Space Evader PRO - Win Top Planetary Space Race Champion
Joseph Bellavia
Evade the enemy ships and bombs that stand to destroy you with any opportunity they can get. This game is SUPER COOL and ADDICTING!! You'll love flying this space evader through the perils of the universe as you forget...
Top Goals 2014 -No Ads
**Download the most addicting FREE soccer game in the world!** ***Join over 1 MILLION others playing on over 200 goals and live cups!*** **** Play TODAY and get a free BONUS**** FEATURES √ FREE to PLAY! √ Play more...
Trampoline Stickman Thief: Diamond Mania Pro
Undone Panda
Take your stickman on the journey of a lifetime. Trampoline Stickman Thief is an addicting game that's fun for everyone! HOW TO PLAY: Jump up and help your stickman collect as many diamonds as possible to fill his...
Slender Man Scifi City
Michael Rosenthal
New advanced graphics that take advantage of the iPhone's current gen graphics features, and still runs amazingly well on the iPhone 5 and iPad. Buy once and own for both iPhone and iPad. 4 Map Variants of the Scifi...
Sky Pig - Magic rainbow
Huohsien Chiang
It is extremely ADDICTIVE! with awesome artwork! Navigate the fancy looking pig with magical tail across mythical worlds with floating mountains. The game gets more and more difficulty as you get used to the control....