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Boulder Dash® 30th Anniversary™
Tapstar Interactive Inc.
Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary™ is the first collaboration by Peter Liepa & Chris Gray, the two original creators of the multi-million unit selling Boulder Dash, since the first game in the series was released in...
Baseball Loop Combo Sports Connect - Free HD Match Game Edition
Bradon Thompson
Beat time in this fast-paced action puzzle game in super sports attitude with dedicated baseball theme where you'll be able to connect lines to match different balls to score! Get the most points in under a minute and...
Bird Revenge - Free birds shooting game
Shazia Gul
The Birds have been bothered by Cats, Dogs and Dragons. Their Home, Nest and eggs are ruined by them. Birds were tired of this bothering so they decided to get revenge. Because they can only live peacefully when all of...
Easy to learn,hard to play ! * Your task to move the ball up. * Break your own record and compete with your friends. * This game may annoy you.
Fishing Arcade Lite
The arcade version of fishing elite. Explore some beautiful lake with your boat, you can go anywhere. Adapt your fishing style and choose the right lure. Find the hiding place of the biggest fish. The graphics are very...
cocolo-bit Inc.
隕石をカチ割れ!! ◆あそびかた◆ 隕石と頭が重なった瞬間を狙って画面をタッチ! 頭突きで隕石を壊すぞ! 少し早めにタッチするのがコツ。 JUSTを狙おう。...
Baby Chimp Chomp: Jungle Fruit Bounce
ArdentKid Studios
Can You Help Baby Chimp Chomp Catch His Fruits? Bounce the Fruit to the Basket to make him Happy. FEATURES - 3 Game Modes (Normal, Time and Challenge Mode) - Unlock Upgrades as You Play - FUN for ALL AGES
Exploration & Survival
Jingjing Feng
In Exploration, you enter a survival world. Block wall lock you at the center of the map. here's some notes can help you out: 1. Chests scattered randomly around the arena which contain useful weapons and items. 2. If...
Thief Lupin 2
Thief Lupin, which reached #1 in 22 countries and 8 million downloads, is back with an even more awesome & addictive sequel! Participate in the World Thief Competition and become the greatest thief the planet has ever...
Cartoon Robot Air-Plane Retro Battle Game for Kids
Dane Mizzles
Fly your hero through the air! Avoid enemy craft and crazy obstacles! Endless 2d flyer style game.
William Porta
BLOKr is a game of precise timing and endurance. Soar from platform to platform as you desperately struggle against ever-increasing momentum and gravity's cruel grasp. Score in-air boosts by collecting rotating green...
Astro Alien
Aaron Newnham
If your after a game thats full of action and requires good hand eye coordination then test yours skills. You and some of your Alien buddies are in a flying saucer cruising the moon surface trying to get through a...
Takuya Kawahara
Life has many troubles. _RULES_ 1,PASSMORE as hard as you can. 2.PASSMORE as hard as you can. 3,PASSMORE as hard as you can. Please have fun with this.
The Swipe
Kanahiro Iguchi
Very Simple but Very Interesting Game!! It is game only to swipe and tap as the marks indicate. Lets share a score with Twitter!!
Subway Train Game 2D
IAW Pte.Ltd.
Download the new Subway Train Game 2D for iOS today! Conquer the subway rails and be the best running surfer in history! Beat your friends' subway high score with as you rush down the railroad tracks at increasing...
The premise of Phases is simple. You are an object of light that explodes if you collide with darkness. If it were only that easy... Game Features: ◉ Over 40 Levels ◉ Insane real-time physics ◉ Battle through six...
Drop Flow
Georgio Helou
Drop Flow is a simple yet addictive and challenging game. You just have to shoot in the drops' direction for them to explode, but be careful about your timing and the bomb drops !!! Taking decisions fast and touching...
Towers of Valhalla
Syncrotec AS
A new kind of strategy game. Build your towers and defend yourself against the viking army. Buy and upgrade your own units to attack the enemy base. Play through 16 unique and fun levels. Try playing against a friend...
Zombie Sniper Force: Trigger Game Lite
Morten Strande
Danger! The world has been taken over by brain-eating zombies, and it is your mission is to destroy them all. Put on your jet-pack, and grab your gun. It is time to shoot zombies! Can You Save Us All? Enjoy!
Brandon Fleming
1. Overview: BugPlanet is a free shmup designed for iOS; Shogun3D's first completed mobile shmup game! 2. Features: - Progressive Difficulty: The game's difficulty gradually increases as you play! - Personal Score...