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Chimps Ahoy! Spooked!
Griptonite Games
Following on from the critically acclaimed “Chimps Ahoy!”, the Chimps find themselves washed ashore on an eerie island filled with ghosts, jack o' lanterns, and home to a creepy witch. Use the Multi-Touch display...
DVide Arts Inc.
Extremely fun and terrifically addictive, prepare for unlimited hours of game play. In addition, improve your memory and concentration while having fun! BATTLEBRAIN is the perfect game to help improve your brain power...
Happy Face Popper
Hudson Entertainment
・Current version does not work normally on iOS4.2. Happy Face Popper is an action-shooter where you control the mysterious character "Uhi Uhi" with the unique functionality of the iPhone/iPod Touch. Your objective:...
Barrage Castle
Laser weapon castle type using [DANMAKU JOH] protect yourcity from missiles. [DANMAKU JOH] is an advanced laser weapon. you can fire it by touching the screen. By dragging,successive shooting is possible. It has...
Solar Blaster
Neon Surge
Solar Blaster is a 3D First Person Shooter set in space. An endless assault of enemies are coming at you, you have 3 weapons to defend your mother-ship. Can you survive the onslaught? Your scores and country are ranked...
Manta Research
*** Limited Time Sale! *** Your body is under attack from viruses! Use the touch interface to grow white blood cells and rotate the device to trap the viruses and destroy them. Once you've defeated all stages of an...
DS Effects
Get your bow and arrow Cupid! You will conquer hearts, but you will have to watch out for the little devils, birds, flying piggies and weird little monsters that are trying to stop you on your mission.
Timer for Halo 3
TH Software
This application is a respawn weapon timer to be used while playing Halo 3 with MLG settings. When starting a multiplayer game with MLG Settings press the Start Game button. When each weapon timer hits 0, the weapon...
Tag Games Limited
ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? Set out on an epic quest to save your kidnapped best friend and have fun along the way in this AWARD WINNING arcade puzzle game! Rock’n’Roll is an arcade game of rapidly spinning mazes and...
Garden Wars
Trevor Wilkin
Save your gardens from a pest infestation using the best known solution.... DYNAMITE! Tackle a variety of bugs and insects, each with different strategies, to rid your garden of the destruction before it's too late!...
Super Dog
DS Effects
You must guide super dog through different levels avoiding enemies and jumping obstacles. Submit your score and compete against the rest of the world.
Loot Master
Digital Concepts
Countless riches, powerful spells, and unique items await as you defeat your foes in this action game. Outfit your character with the treasure you acquire and adapt to utilize spells and equipment available as you fend...
DS Effects
A revolution is devastating a far away country. You have been sent by your government to befriend the enemy and neutralize their forces from the inside. Pack up a good amount of ammunition and you’ll be a war hero!
Haunted Planet
Pick Up And Play
An Evil Scientist plans to open a trans-dimensional portal to a place where monsters dwell and nightmares are born - the Haunted Planet. His previous portal experiments have produced hordes of monsters which inhabit...
Beavertoe Software
OVERVIEW Pulse is a game involving sound, color, and hand-eye coordination, controlled entirely by the device's orientation. The goal is to "catch" all of the colored pulses emitted from the orb at the center of the...
Diner Dash Full
PlayFirst, Inc.
★ Play the hit game that first launched the Dash craze! With over 10 million downloads to date, Dash is one of the biggest gaming franchises ever on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. ★ More than 3.8 BILLION meals...
Reandevou Software
Play against the computer "Rock! Paper! Scissors!".
Cybersaurus 3D
Darxun Games
Cyber-Dinosaurs! Our planet was their home for millions of years.Now they want it back! The ultimate mix between a 3D shooter and an adventure game. Explore 6 stunning planets (11 maps fully 3D) with outstanding...
Circular Assault
Essential Applications, Inc
To celebrate the impending release of the sequel, Linear Assault, we have lowered the price of Circular Assault! Circular Assault won the Dutch Game Award 2008 in the "Best Orginal Game Design" category! Circular...
Thomas Micka
Can you survive the dirty drains of life? Reminiscent of the popular game Falldown, Hairball is a game which challenges your reflexes and endurance. As a Hairball, you navigate through a endless clogged pipe trying to...