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Halloween Craft Multiplayer
Aleksander Polanowski
Choose Halloween Skin, create a room in multiplayer mode and start a game Give candies to your friends Craft a special Candy (heal 100%). Fight against other players or Vampire,witch and skeleton. App require internet...
Twitchy Thrones
Ricardo Moura
Twitchy Thrones is a fast and fun strategy game with a medieval fantasy setting. Battle your way throughout the violent land of Lefteros! Conquer varied battles rendered in gory and detailed pixel art! Complete...
Story of Max
Mustafa sayman
Story of Max is an arcade adventure game. Help Max(little DOG) to find his master. In this game, you must find key,make puzzles,combinations to advance..Drag and drop object. Features: -Travels over 13 levels -Continue...
The Protector
Dao Lieu
The Protector is a new hugely addicting game. To protect the human from perdition by fighting again alien raiders. Fire your power at alien and use special items to destroy them in thrilling battle. To save the future,...
Skyline Football
Vandy Jenkins
Have a ball playing soccer on your mobile device with Skyline Football. Unlock powerups and try to achieve the almost impossible "Double S–rank"! DEVELOP YOUR PLAYER FROM ROOKIE TO SUPERSTAR Manage your player...
Five Tiger Generals
Beijing Joyman Technology Co., Ltd.
Five Tiger Generals, the story takes place in the famous historical battles · Battle of Red Cliff, Cao generals retreat Fab Five will be besieged by the way, Cao Cao is awkward placement of the eight kinds of agencies...
My Little Horse Riding Adventure - A Fantasy Magical Kingdom Rescue
Emma Mas jones
My Little Horse is an addictive game that brings the gaming experience of retro consoles right at your fingertips. Help you favorite horse collect as many coins as he can so that you can unlock new characters and new...
連魂 〜 RenCon
yoji Suzuki
G&T Roguelike Ed.
Simona Portugues Alcaide
"Tap & Game Roguelike Edition" reminds the game watch and handheld electronic games. This game is the sequel to "Game Maze Ed and Tap.". Find the key and escape the maze. Beware of monsters, with cobwebs that...
Infinity Blade III - Craft Multiplayer Edition - Survival Mini Games - Pixel Gun 3D Battle - Minecraft Your Blocky Adventure Pocket World
Tinky Lock
If you are a fan of series game "Infinity Blade", you can not miss this game. Iris and Isabella have joined with the Deadly King Samamura in a desperate attempt to destroy the Worker of Secrets and his army of...
Flap Bird Pro
Zoltan Szabo
Fly the bird as far as possible :3 Good luck *___* No ads, no in app purchases.
Don’t Shoot The White Target
Sponge Mobile
Come on! You've entered the 3D indoor shooting range. Do not shoot absolutely white target, you need to shoot the target of black. Targets are moves faster as times go by. Please feel the pleasure of shooting. Then,...
Earth's Final War Defense ZX - Titan Mecha Robot Attack
Shocking Zebra Inc.
The ultimate battle between humans and aliens has begun! As a top soldier, you are tasked to stand as part of Earth’s last line of defense. With a giant robot ship, you must scan the sky and eliminate enemies by...
Champions of Football Blitz
Vandy Jenkins
LIMITED TIME SALE 50% OFF!! Have a ball playing soccer on your mobile device with Champions of Football Blitz. Unlock powerups and try to achieve the almost impossible "Double S–rank"! DEVELOP YOUR PLAYER FROM ROOKIE...
Folly Bull Run: The Head Breaker, Full Version
Free Apps For Kids Ltd
Race your bull down the spanish streets and smash anything that gets in your way! Have many people can you knock down and how many obstacles can you avoid before you fall on your face?!
Block - Wipeout version with skin exporter for Minecraft!
Nora Blaha
Hey Guys! Best Minecraft MULTIPLAYER Wipeout game in the App Store! Fantastically long Wipeout obstacles! • • CHAT IS AVAILABLE! TALK WITH FRIENDS RIGHT IN THE BATTLE!• • *** MULTIPLAYER MODES*** Deathmatch...
Tank Men
Double Kill
The next era arcade tank game for everyone is here! Choose your tankman from the three unique groups with its unique specialities. Fast paced tank actions, shake your mobile device to switch between the normal weapon...
The Pharmacist - Blue Plague
Strife Games LLC
Blue Plague is a mobile first person zombie shooter game created by Strife Games LLC in cooperation with Nitrous Butterfly LLC. The first game in The Pharmacist series of games where the player becomes Dr. "Tre"...
SD Battle Paddle
John Melchor Valimento
Play as the Silencer, Vida, as she trains for the upcoming war. Destroy the obstacles while Buck acts as the target. Beat the game by destroying all the sticks or hitting Buck. Catch power-ups and use them to your...
Tron Lightcycle 3D Pro
Vahan Margaryan
++++ NO ADS ++++ Tron Lightcycle is a 3D amazing game based on movie. We are tries to make game with the best quality and best AI for opponents. Gameplay: Relive the film as you try and cut off your opponents before...