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Dibba and Dabba
Mole Mobile LTD
Dibba and Dabba is a fun filled action packed adventure which is reminiscent of the good old days when retro gaming ruled! It uses 2D pixel art graphics with an orthographic birds eye view of the playing area. The game...
Space battleship pro
zhong wu
Devil army are attacking our world for the origin of life "purple crystal". A large number of crystals were shipped to devil planet. The United Nations decided to send a space battleship to intercept devil aircraft....
kosaku sunada
出る杭を打て!和風もぐらたたき系ゲームfree 純和風カジュアル もぐらたたき系ゲーム ターゲットの人相の付いた杭を叩け!!...
Star Hero Pro (Ad Free)
Mitch Marchand
Like guitar hero.. in space! Select your level of difficulty, then press a button on the bottom of the screen that matches the corresponding color approaching it. Time your taps so that the dot lay on the button when...
Exploit the Bomb
Jose Antonio Fernandez
Blast the mine around the screen to reach the goal. Try and get the mine to the goal in as few explosions as possible. The fewer you use the more stars for the level you’ll get.
Invasion from Space HD - Alien Wars for Galaxy
Alessandro Benedettini
Save Earth from Alien Invasion! A massive war fleet invaded our planet: blast all battle ships and defend our cities in this high-speed, action-packed endless runner shoot’em up / arcade game! Are you ready to fight...
Both No Die
Miao Zhong
Humans have two hands,but only one head. As a result,we always do one thing with both the hands. What if one hand on one thing? Then,we evolved. In 《Both No Die》,you fly two planes in different modes.Keep both...
Zombie Safari 2 (No Ads)
Paul Diakov
Premium version of Zombie Safari without ADS. This version will receive all updates much earlier than free version. Zombie apocalypse ended a long time ago, leaving only ruins, but there is no peace for the poor...
Big Girl Runner
Derrick Griffin
Run and Jump to collect the coins! Just tap the screen to Jump. • Easy to Play • Nice Graphics • Funny Sounds
Aliaksei Kazhukhouski
Watch the color of the text not to lose this addictive game. Sounds easy? Give it a try, and see how well you stack up against your friends. Features: • Compatible with Apple Watch • Three awesome game modes •...
Dot Shots
Jared Faerber
Addictive and challenging game of timing and skill! Tap anywhere on the screen to launch the small blue dot toward the large bouncing blue dot. As your score increases, additional grey bouncing dots appear. Don't hit...
Ball Jugglin'
Ryan Green
Struggle to juggle multiple balls at the same time and try to demolish other's scores. This game is fun, entertaining , and extremely addicting. Easy to play and understand for any age.
City Fight
Edwin Schleif
Hi there, I'm Marathon. New York is living a chaos! Violence and fear are all around. Help me out cleaning up the streets from gang lords and their thugs using the best weapon: Our Fists! City Fight is a fighting game...
CallOfKiller:Alone Battle
Tanzeel Rahman
Now you can with Real Scary Spiders! Dominate the battlefield with a new tactical movement system. Call Of Killer War Shooting game goal: - fight through the city and kill epic enemies, - live through dramatic battles...
Major Magnet Universal
PagodaWest Games
◆ APP STORE EDITOR'S CHOICE Faster than SONIC. Braver than MARIO. And just a wee bit clumsy - Meet MAJOR MAGNET the world's most unlikely hero! “Combines the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog with magnetism’s black...
iBall It Plus
Joshua Garcia
*This is the AD-FREE version* -Do you think you have a good sense of accuracy? -Try your luck with iBall It! -Strike the target value displayed above using your weapon slider between 0 and 100.
Alien Take-Over
Jacob Dobbs
**Update; -Version 1.2 -Bug Fixes -New Characters -Time Increase Capabilities -Point Deduction Penalties Have fun in this super fast, explosive, simple but addicting tap game. Designed in landscape mode for a wide view...
Amazing Winter Sport - Eat Spicy Red Pepper And Shoot Fire Ball
Qi Chen
This is a simple fun action game about stickman. It’s winter now. It’s so cold, so the stickman wants to eat some peppers to keep warm. And then, he finds out that he can shoot fire balls after he eats peppers....
A Santa Claus: Christmas Gifts Premium - 3D Sleigh Driving Game with Cartoon Graphics for Everyone
Pocket Scientists
Christmas is coming. The most beautiful holiday of the year will be again full of joy and happiness. More and more trees are decorated, people play beautiful games, they are preparing they gifts - only one thing...
Froggy Super Adventure Jumper - Strategic Mysterious Jumping Game - Pro Edition
Gimme Games Entertainment LLC.
A Froggy Super Adventure Jumper - Strategic Mysterious Jumping Game - PRO Edition A Wonderful Odyssey filled with mystery. Play with Fred, a hungry frog on a mission to gather as many flies as possible. Play the PRO...