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Ghost Sort
Joshua Alvarado
The colored ghost have broken their way out of the graves! Your goal is to guide the colored ghosts back into their matching colored grave. The higher the score the quicker you have to be as the ghost will appear more...
Special Force Commando Counter Alien Strike
Paul Chin
Your country has been invaded by alien monsters from the Andromeda Galaxy. The President has been cornered and is hiding in a secret military research lab building in the edge of the city. Your SEAL Team Omega which...
Super Comic Kid
Calling all heroes! In Super Comic Kid, it's up to YOU to keep villains from wreaking havoc on your imagination! Take control of your favorite comic book character and do battle across universes, facing off against the...
A Dead Zombieville Survival Plague: Army Bomb Battle
NetSummit Enterprises, Inc.
Are you ready to test your agility? Do you enjoy games that make you think on your toes? It's time to test your skills and see just how far you can get without attacking the wrong thing! As you're flying through the...
Assault Army – Tanks and Soldiers Game in a World of Battle
Johannes Metzler
* Soldiers!!!! They are here! * Kill your enemies and win the game! * Collect hidden treasures! - Beware of this crazy game! Run through the wild landscape and fight your enemies. Avoid obstacles and collect coins....
Ball Runner - Zig Zag Arcade Heroes
Cool Free App Games Ltd
Zig Zag Runner is here! Use the left/right hand side of the screen to navigate your ball from left to right... This game requires balance and skill to be played....
bassem youssef
Play in a mesmerising world of wonderful animations and ever changing themes Catch the dots with the correct colors Tap the screen to rotate the circle It goes like "Tap! Tap! Catch!! Tap! Tap! Tap! Catch!.." oh.., and...
Cheesy Munch
Retro Dreamer
Eat the ham, skip the bombs! Fill Cheesy's belly with hammy joy.
Chocks Away!
PlayStyle Games Ltd
Chocks Away! Peace is no more! Those pesky Kats have imprisoned our Doggy friends! Who can help us? Introducing Charles Worthington-Smythe the Flying Dog Air Ace!! Guide Chocks Away Charlie into enemy Kat territory...
qiuyi yu
Circuit Maker
TNGA Consultancy Ltd
Circuit Maker is a sliding puzzle game where the goal is to line up pieces to make circuits in a limited time. How hard can that be? There is a tutorial and practice mode, three difficulty levels, and Game Center...
Ninja Thrower
Daniel Dugan
Ninja Thrower is a super fun pick and play app. You play as a ninja and you have to dodge the enemies and thrown your collected blades at them. Based on your score you will earn coins which can be used to buy upgrades...
Flappy BatKid The Game
Be Intellect
Super hero Kid to the rescue! He is fast and he is very furious! - Tap to fly - Avoid obstacles - Try to reach as far as you can
Lift Ball Up
James Lemaire
Game is very simple guys, just tap to lift the electrical ball up to score as many points as you can. ---Warning It's not that easy ----- ----Super Fun Game---- If you long for great amazing simple game this is the...
Soccer Run - Underdogs Edition
Juris Andzejevskis
Jump in mid-air avoid other balls1 [How to play] > Tap the screen to jump. > Avoid balls. > Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard).
The Running Hero Free+
Cheng Feng
Only a super hero could escape from the siege of enemies and mountains!! Are you a super Hero? It's endless fun for everyone, though this game is tough! You will fail many times, but you can stand up again in a short...
Hızlı Çekiç
41? 29! Digital Marketing Agency
Çekicini hazırla, gösteri başlıyor! Ozmo Fun Hızlı Çekiç Oyunu’nda elini çabuk tutman ve doğru tercihler yapman çok önemli! Vurduğun her saat sana 5 saniye kazandıracak ama bombaları patlatırsan...
Slashing Demons
Mathieu Akita
"Slashing Demons" is the untold story of an endless fight between human kind and divine forces. Hundreds years ago, human greed and selfishness triggered Gods’ wrath who decided to send their monstrous beasts to...
The PongGame
Stanislav Zabroda
Pong is one of the earliest arcade video games, this is a tennis sports game using a simple two-dimensional graphics. • Remember the old game of PONG! • Manage the platform and scoring goals. Features: • Share...
Mission : Alien Jailbreak! - Robot Hunters Escape- Free
Pear Tree Games LLC
Play as a human and escape from the jail, which is under the control of aliens. The aliens are coming to catch you and dump you back to the jail. So, flee for your life against these deadliest creatures. Time your jump...