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Beauty Doctor
Huan Tang
Give this scientist a quick but good makeover.this cute scientist is going to do some important research at the lab today but she's running a bit late! can you help her out so she can start her shift on time? first...
The First Settlers, Hidden Objects, Find The Difference, Game
Hitesh Parikh
The First Settlers, Hidden Objects, Find The Difference, Game The First Settlers Immigrants have a home needs, and we should help them. Find all the objects and help them. Since Marlene is really concerned about the...
Mecha Showdown
TurnOut Ventures Ltd.
Transform into a giant mech of destruction and battle deadly extraterrestrial kaiju monsters to save our planet! Play this FREE turn-based fighting game in which you take control of elite war robots to defend the Earth...
Moto Joe
Harsh Rajat
Tap, jump, dodge and perform stunts in this extreme casual game that is sure to get your daily dose of cray cray. Get Moto Joe Completely Free today!
Switch & Drop
Chillingo Ltd
Switch, drop and match colors to clear the blocks in this new kind of puzzle game. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings. Matching falling rows to clear as many colored blocks as you can. Simple...
World Zombination: a Zombie TD RTS MMO
Proletariat Inc.
Take control of a massive zombie horde and destroy the world. Or help the last surviving humans make their stand and defend it. The choice is yours in this epic massively multiplayer online game! As the zombies, attack...
Jolly Jam ®
Rovio Stars Ltd.
A fresh puzzle game that will surely make you jolly! Prince Jam needs YOU to help save Princess Honey and the Jelly Kingdom. Download and play today for free! Defeat the evil Boss and his wicked, cute minions through...
Wild Tiger Jungle Hunt 3D - Real Siberian Beast Attack on Deer in Safari Animal Simulator Game
Raheel Iqbal
Live the life of a tiger and show how you will spend your day and pass your life in ferocious jungle where living a peaceful life is not as easy as city life. Enter the wild jungle and live as a wild Tiger to rule this...
Real Drift Car - Xtreme Trial Race
Rhino Games Studio
Take your driving skills to a completely new level, Master the MOST Xtreme drift racing race game with the ultimate real life racing cars out there. ++ Awesome highly detailed racing cars ++ Take the wheel, grab hold...
Magic Wanda - Be precise and create potions with the help of your magical fairies!
Josep Gonzalez Fernandez
*** Magic Wanda is now available for Apple Watch! *** In Magic Wanda the objective is simple, but difficult to master. You have to put your wand in the position of the bar according to the amount of mana you need to...
Match the Birds
Claudio Mattos
Match the Birds is a simple yet addictive puzzle game for kids and adults. You will love it! All you have to do is to match all birds of the same colour together. There are hundreds of levels as well as nearly a dozen...
zhao an
ShapeBox is a game that includes 2048 feature and shape features. We believe if you are interested in 2048 game, you will love this game too! ShapeBox bring you lots of shape, different shapes have different skills,...
Hospital Adventure
Kids Games Studios LLC
Come help the doctors take care of all of the patients. Featuring 9 interactive activities to complete on your hospital journey. Give check-ups, care for patients and much more!! *Please note that Hospital Adventure is...
Perfect Shift
«One of few must-have apps for your new tablet and smartphone» - Daily Star Perfect Shift, the ultimate drag racing game, is now available for iOS! Compete with challengers from around the world in visually stunning...
Link The Pets: Find Friends
Shenzheng Baoshi Technology Co., Ltd
Link The Pets is a special casual game. In this game, all the animals are looking for their fellows. Thus, in order to help them, sometimes people need to connect the road for them to walk through. However, people...
Valentine's Day Slots - Slot Machines of Love & Big Blackjack Card Games FREE
Jesse Davis
Are you feeling the love? Get into the Valentine's Day spirit with this adorable slot game. Catch presents from your sweetie for extra coins. Play Blackjack or spin the bonus wheel. There's so much to do! Download it...
Maze Dungeon - Let's go to the 99 floor!
Canvas soft
Let's find the treasure of the legendary sleeping in 99 basement! You try to conquer the complex dungeon that does not even live monsters! This is a comical world of maze game. [Overview] You to capture the intense...
Mission : Alien Jailbreak! - Robot Hunters Escape- Free
Pear Tree Games LLC
Play as a human and escape from the jail, which is under the control of aliens. The aliens are coming to catch you and dump you back to the jail. So, flee for your life against these deadliest creatures. Time your jump...
No Blood No Glory! - Gladiator Hero Run - Free
Delafield Partners LLC
Run, Jump and Slash!!! Get ready for some action! No Blood No Glory is an action running game where you help the gladiator escape, and you are responsible to get him out safely. Fight the guards, and run, jump, attack...
Quad Bike Driving Challenge
Andrew Chia
*** 100% SUPER FUN OFF-ROAD PRECISION DRIVING! *** Drive your all terrain quad bike over just about everything and complete the obstacle courses in time! Are you up to the challenge? Game Features: - Awesome 3D stunt...