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Celebrity Quiz - Guess Famous Celebrities Trivia featuring Popular TV Icons & Hollywood Film Stars
Celebrity Quiz is an awesome trivia game! Find out how much you know about celebrities in an addictive quiz game. Try to answer all the questions. + Guess the answer for many questions in Celebrity Quiz + Challenging...
Shape Disco
Jovy Ong
Come and groove it out with our new groovy and tricky game, Shape Disco! Swipe left or right to guide the falling shapes to their correct color categories before they reach the bottom of the screen! Don't get tricked...
Oink! Leap Away - The endless jumping game for free
Kamonrat Srirattanapibun
Oink! Leap Away is a game that is fun and joyful for the whole family. For example kids or parents can image to be a pig and try to fly and spin away (yes, we said fly but actually a piglet tries to jump away) from...
SUM IDEA : logic number puzzles
Discover your inner genius with a brand new one-of-a-kind, logic number puzzle game full of ‘Eureka!’ moments. *** Previously featured in the App Store's Best New Games *** "Charming throughout...has that...
HOME: Boov Pop!
Behaviour Interactive Inc.
This game is fun…and mandatory! A puzzle game that defies the laws of physics! Based on the DreamWorks Animation film, HOME: Boov Pop! offers a new twist to the puzzle genre, by adding a unique gravity-based physics...
Slashing Demons
Mathieu Akita
"Slashing Demons" is the untold story of an endless fight between human kind and divine forces. Hundreds years ago, human greed and selfishness triggered Gods’ wrath who decided to send their monstrous beasts to...
Kids Maths Hero Game For Avengers Version
Sureeluk Chockbamrung
This easy addition math game For Avengers Version is perfect for kids in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade at school. Help improve your addition skills by answering a range or math problems. For Avengers Version Making math...
Matching Games Play For Iron Man Version
Sureeluk Chockbamrung
First, exercise your brain with games specifically designed to test your memory. Fun Cartoon For Matching Games Play For Iron Man Version is a straight-forward tile-matching game for young children (preschool to...
Matching Hero Kids Game For Avengers Edition
Sureeluk Chockbamrung
First, exercise your brain with games specifically designed to test your memory. Fun Cartoon For Avengers Edition Memory is a straight-forward tile-matching game for young children (preschool to elementary school age)...
Rich and Bitch
jiayi liu
A fast-paced algorithm game. Super-simple!When you wait for subway, bus, it’s a nice weapon to kill time, which contains various interesting patterns. Through ATM you can quickly enhance and restore your math...
Conquer Mars
Fred W
Earth has intercepted an interstellar message from Mars saying that they plan to attack Earth and take over the planet. Since you are the best pilot on Earth, we sent you to Mars to take the fight to them on their...
The PongGame
Stanislav Zabroda
Pong is one of the earliest arcade video games, this is a tennis sports game using a simple two-dimensional graphics. • Remember the old game of PONG! • Manage the platform and scoring goals. Features: • Share...
Koji Murakami
ルールはとても簡単。「相手の駒を挟む。そして王を敵陣に入れる」 しかしシンプルなだけにやればやるほど奥が深く、非常に頭を使います。...
Dice Mogul
Over the Top Games
From the creators of award winning NyxQuest and Fancy Pants Adventures, Dice Mogul is a new board game designed to be fast, fun and a great pass time. You play as a mogul that wants to establish a monopoly and get the...
I Lun Lu
據說當人類把腦活用到100%,將能記得世界上所有知識。磨練自己,向世界各地的強者挑戰吧! • 知識就是力量!...
Big Shot Bingo
Big Shot Bingo: You‘ve never seen Bingo like this! Its Bingo Time! Looking for a new twist on classic bingo fun? Look no further! Over 15 different game types/bingo patterns, multiple game rooms, Golden ticket...
Mystery Case Files: Mystery Hotel-New Amazing Story
David Jones II
Uncover the mystery of the hotel in an exciting new game in the "I'm looking for" genre. Dr. Walt was called to the hotel to see an alleged ill guest. But instead of treating the person he is to investigate a very...
Candy Splash Happy
Zengfei Xu
Slide your finger to make three or more same color candies anyway can be linked to eliminate.
Roto Birds
Maurice Apps
Roto Birds is the perfect game when you have some spare time! Roto Birds is all about helping the poor chicken escape from the evil chef. The chicken is blocked by all the vegetables that the chef is throwing at it!...
4 Kép 1 Szó: Filmek ‒ magyar
Andras Sveiczer
Igazi filmőrült vagy? Töltsd le vadonaút ingyenes magyar fejlesztésű játékunkat, a 4 Kép 1 Szó folytatását, és találd ki az összes filmet és sorozatot! ◆◆◆ 4 Kép 1 Szó: Filmek ◆◆◆ ◆...