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Feng Sun
Do you need to kill some time? Or do you look for a fun game to have a blast with? Catch The Frog will leave no room for boredom! In this free online game you accompany the frog through 36 mini games full of fun and...
Save The Chicken!
Feng Sun
the chiken want to be a pilot,but when he stands on the top find himslef fear of heights,it's too late,come on!!He need help!
Haitao Song
Throw A Paper
Feng Sun
It's one of these days at the office, right? Maybe there is so much work to do that even starting to do it is not worth the bother - or there is literally nothing to do for you and you struggle not to fall asleep. But...
DOTS Connecting DOTS
Feng Sun
Dots is one of those rare games that you fire up to kill a few minutes of spare time and that you end up playing for hours and hours. You have to connect dots of the same color in order to make them vanish. For every...
Rainbow True Color
sky hill
RainbowTrue Color is a game inspired by the Stroop effect. You need to check if the name of the color written matches with the color displayed. You think it's a breeze, huh?! Play with your friends and compare your...
JetSpin Hustle
JetSpin Hustle is a retro themed, side-scrolling, adventure in space. Escape from a doomed space station by dodging and spinning your way past deadly obstacles and debris. You’ll need quick reflexes and even quicker...
Skvader Studio
Your target is Apple
Fan Zhang
Shooting the apple off old man's head using a bow and arrow! Drag your finger to shoot the arrow targeting the apples. But beware of missing it or you might end up killing the man! The first level of this game places...
kosaku sunada
出る杭を打て!和風もぐらたたき系ゲームfree 純和風カジュアル もぐらたたき系ゲーム ターゲットの人相の付いた杭を叩け!!...
Star Hero Pro (Ad Free)
Mitch Marchand
Like guitar hero.. in space! Select your level of difficulty, then press a button on the bottom of the screen that matches the corresponding color approaching it. Time your taps so that the dot lay on the button when...
Nine Plus - 9+
NINE PLUS - 9+ Could you crush 9(Nine) numbers at the same time? Perform the longest match by managing numbers and get the highest score. Do not forget! You must be very fast. Get ready to meet NEW and unusual game...
Zoo Animals Train - fun game for preschool kids who love Trains Trucks and Things That Go
Gil Weiss
Sale - 50% Off don't miss out ! Drive a zoo train and help the animals board the zoo train. Pickup all the animals on your way to the zoo. Learning has never been so fun! A fun and cute interactive app for Kids! Ride...
Crime Case Mystery - Hidden Objects - PRO
Fireboy Softwares
Step in the Coat of Sheriff and Solve a Great Crime Mystery in this great new Free game "Crime Case Mystery - Hidden Objects" . Find out Hidden clues from scene and catch the murderer before he runs out of our hand....
2048 Puzzle GO
changwei sun
The game screen is very simple, at the beginning mostly gray box, the puzzle appears when the player figures will change color, the overall style is very simple. Rules of the game is very simple, each can choose one...
Deadly Bull Racing
Grey Falcon Studios
Get ready to join the league of daredevils and race on charged prestigious bull breed from India.Deadly Bull Racing is an intense action racing game which pits your driving skills against these desperate Bulls to take...
Dungeon N Knight
Eduardo Gasperin
Collect all key's parts, survive, escape the dungeon, and exceed expectations.
BABYLON DELUXE - Starship Deathmatch Pro
Daniell Johnston
What players are saying about BABYLON DELUXE – Starship Deathmatch: ***** “Loving it. This game is pure deathmatch and it when it gets hot it gets HOTTT!!!” -Luke, United Kingdom ***** “Space-invaders on...
Queendom and Queens
A non-casual platform game that is operated with one finger. It was designed for the 16-BIT respected difficulty. Items and growth systems are not implemented. It depend on your skill. But the ENERGY is increased when...
Conquian 333
Alejandro Garcia
Conquian 333 has a beautiful, clean design. It looks gorgeous on the iPad and iPhone. No Ads, no In-App purchases. If you know Rummy, well, this game is the ancestor. The main difference is the Conquian's simple rule...