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Space battleship pro
zhong wu
Devil army are attacking our world for the origin of life "purple crystal". A large number of crystals were shipped to devil planet. The United Nations decided to send a space battleship to intercept devil aircraft....
Crazy Coin Drop
Malachi Mickelonis
Crazy Coin Drop is aimed at the casual gamers who don't have time to play full adventure games. Beat your high score and compete with others to see who can get the most coins caught in their basket. hints on how to...
Plugtoon - Brushing teeth
The Plugtoon gang came to help their new friends to learn many cool things that will help them throughout their lives. This gang is concerned to always do good and help others. In this game, the gang will help Chris to...
Circuit Maker
TNGA Consultancy Ltd
Circuit Maker is a sliding puzzle game where the goal is to line up pieces to make circuits in a limited time. How hard can that be? There is a tutorial and practice mode, three difficulty levels, and Game Center...
Bubble Smash Mania - Bounce & Do Not Hit the Shooter Spikes Free
Ebony Burwell
Don’t let the blades get you! How far can you go? DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE
Lucky Horseshoe Slost- Wild Hawk Casino - Red Hot! Free Spins, Wilds & Bonuses!
Mp3 music download & video downloader free
Play Lucky Horseshoe Slots anywhere! With a variety of slots and tons of bonus features, you’re guaranteed non-stop excitement. Features: Realistic sights and sounds to take you away! Hours of game play and wins!...
Wow Color Flood
Farid Ahmad
Simple color flood puzzle tor a relaxing break :) Touch the coloured buttons at the bottom of the screen and watch as the grid changes to the same color. With each move, the bottom left piece and and all those adjacent...
Puppy Care CROWN
Girls Apps
Puppies are so restless! They run, jump, play with each other and gnaw everything. Of course they can INJURE themselves while playing or trying to climb somewhere. Your little fluffy friend got hurt and now is crying....
Fortune Bingo Wheels Pro
Academ Media
FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Fortune Bingo Wheels is a new classic lotto app for all fans of virtual gambling, cards games and lottery. Pay attention to the exclusive design with amazing colorful fortune wheels. Fortune...
SnapDragon X
Andrew Snyder
'Snappy' the tiny dragon has got a bit lost from the lair. Help the little dragon bounce and fly over obstacles and enemies and find his way back. Collect big stars and highscore along the way and share your adventure...
Star Hunter [16bit]
5 seconds to go to war! The most straightforward kill zombie game!
Square Pusher - Ads Free!
Philip King
A beautiful, ads-free game where you touch and move the colored blocks to their belonging dots. Use arrows to change the block's moving direction. Blocks can shift other blocks. Squares is a puzzle game inspired by...
The Inifinity Roll
Chuan-Keng Wei
The extreme rolling Challenge game “The Infinity Roll” is here! Control the Sphere by using left and right button, try to dodge the obstacles and stay on the track as possible as you can In the Futuristic roller...
Joe Morris
Rival is a fun, easy to learn game for 1 or 2 players. The combination of strategy and luck involved make it an enjoyable game for players of all ages. On every turn you get a choice of four randomly-selected starting...
Ninja Thrower
Daniel Dugan
Ninja Thrower is a super fun pick and play app. You play as a ninja and you have to dodge the enemies and thrown your collected blades at them. Based on your score you will earn coins which can be used to buy upgrades...
Extreme Wheelchairing Premium
Jan Rigerl
Ready to give your thumbs some exercise? Then jump into this action packed wheelchair game. Roll your way through the levels as quickly as possible, do stunts and jumps, find hidden items and don’t tip over. The...
Twenty - Magic The Gathering Life Counter
Luca Torella
Thanks to a simple and clean interface, this app allows you to easily track your and your opponent's life during a Magic the Gathering match. Enjoy playing Magic with this great companion app!
Joiny Diamond Flow Puzzle Game
Mahabur Rahpman
Fully addictive flow free game. User can try iq test by finishing every level of this game , user can check how fast he can think or he can play with his mind. playful addictive design .. Features : - many level -...
Sudoku for Kids
Igor Galochkin
Sudoku with pictures for kids 4-12 years old, with multiple difficulty levels. In the Sudoku game you need to drag the missing objects into empty cells of a table. You win the game when all the cells of the table are...
Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids
"Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids" is a memory board game designed for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens but adults may also enjoy the game - fun for the whole family! This...