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Hudson Entertainment
>>>>GOLD AWARD<<<< POCKETGAMER gives GOLD AWARD to Puzzloop for iPhone. "Simple, addictive, fun. Puzzloop would work on any of format, but on iPhone it fits wonderfully." Introducing the ORIGINAL loop puzzle, Puzzloop!...
Claw Design
Match the computer's tile patterns in this board-style puzzle game by flipping over the tiles surrounding your cursor in the correct order. While starting out very easy and simple, the 50 levels quickly become...
GTS World Racing
Handmark, Inc.
Enjoy the thrill of classic arcade-style racing with GTS World Racing. Race against the CPU opponents, or against a friend using the NEW 'Head to Head' mode over your local wi-fi connection! Accelerate, brake and steer...
InnoBytes, Wolfgang Kohrt
Come and discover the secrets of the Moeraki Boulder! Assisted by the sheep 'Sam' you have to touch the boulder in various ways to unlock many astonishing informations about Sam's country, New Zealand. And by the way,...
Accel Blocks
------------------------------------ NEW GAME PLAY: CONTROL THE BALL ON THE WAY UP BY TILTING YOUR PHONE ------------------------------------ An arcade game with 3D effects that utilizes the accelerometer to control...
Corey Ledin
Ninja is a fun and simple game of evasion where you move Shinshuka (the Ninja) using your ipod orientation. Objective, live as long as possible! Your score depends on how long you live & the longer you live the harder...
A simple version of a well known dice game. Open the 'Settings' application in order to make a few adjustments to how the game plays. Also, if it's all going wrong, just shake your device - you'll be given the option...
Hangman is based on the popular word guessing game by the same name. The player guesses letters in order to uncover the hidden word. But be careful, you only have a few guesses before you're hanged! Unlike other...
Jeu simple qui consiste à trouver comment retourner 6 cartes en suivant la règle. - Click sur une carte retournera la seconde suivante. - Une carte retournée n'est plus clickable. Exemple : click sur la carte 1...
Chudigi Software
Send dozens of colorful balloons floating into the sky with a swipe of your finger. Increase the inflation size with slower swipes. Use quick taps to make lots of tiny balloons. If the sky gets crowded shake to pop....
Chris Haynes
50 levels of addictive puzzling strategy fun! Play against your iPhone/iPod touch or another player, taking it in turns to place triangular pieces on the board to fill up hexagons. When a hexagon has as many pieces...
Water Words
Powerhouse Games
Do you possess a bubbling vocabulary? Water Words is a beautiful underwater themed action word game that is sure to challenge your vocabulary skills and relax your senses. Unlike other word games Water Words features...
CEO Bingo
Chudigi Software
Play the traditional Buzzword Bingo game on your iPhone. Turn any meeting, presentation, conference call, seminar, lecture, or sales pitch into a fun solo or social gaming experience. Corporate cliches, business...
Igloo Games
------------------------------------ Nominated for the 2009 IGF mobile awards: • “Best iPhone Game” • “Excellence in Art” • EDITORS’ CHOICE - 9/10 “A fun and unique puzzle game with superb production...
Crazy Mouth (Lite)
As seen on TV on CNBC and in the New York Times! "I just love goofy little apps... Crazy Eye and Crazy Mouth kept my youngest son occupied just about forever." - David Pogue, The New York Times Transform yourself into...
IQ boost
The best Dual N Back app is now free. Enjoy. IQ boost is a brain game based on the only proven IQ boosting activity. IQ boost is based on the Dual N Back exercise. The Dual N-Back task is the only mental activity that...
Marble Mash ™
Jirbo, Inc.
ATTENTION JIRBO FANS: our mesmerizing new 3D fish game, Tap Reef, has launched for iPhone and iPad. Check out tapreef.com to download this gorgeous game! *****Jirbo presents Marble Mash for iPhone and iPod Touch!*****...
Armor Games Inc
Welcome to your new addiction. Phit is the ultimate puzzling obsession on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Addictive gameplay. Oh-so-slick interface. Infinite levels. And now at a low introductory price. Phit is the perfect game...
TanZen - Relaxing tangram puzzles
Little White Bear Studios, LLC
Find your Zen, with the #1 top selling tangram game on the App Store! Over 550 puzzles! With nearly 4 million players, and more than 55,000 five star ratings, TanZen has captured the hearts and minds of puzzle players...
Slide (*** Updated ***)
Shekhar Yadav
Slide is interesting mix of bejeweled and tiles. It starts with a board of different color tiles. There is a small window in left that gives cue of what slide to clear. You can clear the slide by tapping the exact...