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Save The Bees Free - Beekeeper Edition
Val Liu
**Have you heard the BUZZZZ!!?? Here's your chance to save the bees! **Pollution has been pushing them out of their hive and you need to rescue your bee by tapping so they can keep buzzing and making honey!
Scorpion Rush - Get Over Here!
Raivo Dzelzskalns
Flap your wings to fly... [How to play] > Tap to flap your wings to fly. > Avoid pipes. > Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard).
Shark Fishing - Join The Real Ninja Kings
Awesome Free Games
__________________________________________ 'Wow! This Game Is Just Awesome! Fun All The Way!' 'This Free Game Exceeded My Expectations! Download Now!' 'Downright Exciting! My Kid Was Enjoying It!' 'I Love It When I...
Slots Phantasy Casino
Anete Andzejevska
Spin this exclusive fantasy filled slot machine and Win Coins! Features: *Beautiful graphics and sound! *FREE coins that you can regenerate! No need to wait many days or even spend real money on them! *Interface is...
Speed Crack Pro
Careers - by Top Free Apps and Games Description racing. Super addictive racing experience! Individual modes. Arouses the interest of the player to not lose and have to start again. Wrong? 5+levels
Spot The Shade ~ Tap The Tile Of A Different Color
Indygo Media
Spot The Shade is a super fun game which really challenges your color vision!!! Play the most addictive game Spot The Shade to test your eye-sight! Simply tap to spot the shade on each time, as it progresses to the...
Square Up! A One Touch Dash
Switchback Media LLC
Are you ready for Square Up? The game is simply addicting. One touch controls, and oh so challenging. - tap to move the square up - be careful not to hit the white obstacles - beat your best score and challenge your...
World Tour Stickman High Diving
The App Ward
From the Sphinx to the top of the Burj Khalifa, Stickman High Diving is back and better than ever! From the creators of Stickman Trampoline (3 million players) and Stickman High Diving (500,000+ players). Grab your...
Street Terror Attack - City Shooting Targets
Arms Street Terror - City Shooting Targets Army Attack is an addictive shooting game that will make you feel like your inside in a real war! The only goal is to kill all the enemies in the midst of the battlefield. All...
Sweet Frozen Smoothies - Fresh Maker Simulator
Yummy milky smoothies with real taste of fruit, yogurt, ice & candy is the best drink to make and chill out for kids, girls and family members. Children Love fruit Juice, Milkshakes, cola, soda, cold beverages then let...
Tractor Parking Farm Mayhem - Extreme Driving Simulator
Mobile Game Arcade LLC
Tractor Parking Farm Mayhem is the App Store’s most addictive tractor parking game that puts your spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination to the test! You are behind the wheel of coolest tractor around! The game...
Liming Shen
《三国志东吴传》主公,美女相伴,欢迎来战!!! 游戏公告: 1.在开始游戏按钮中加入了进入挑战关的选项。 2.更新挑战关1到5关。...
Liming Shen
杨家将新版 ● 存档没有的玩家 我们在关卡礼包准备了一些金币和果子进行补偿 ● 大量全新道具 可以在营地道具店用金币购买 ● 修复了镜宝和镜铠无效的问题 ●...
Pet Mommy's Newborn Baby Born Doctor - my new mom & hospital salon games
Fancy Quiz Games
Pet Mommy will soon give birth -- and it's so exciting!! Care for the mommy and the newborn animal babies in a really fun casual doctor game!! Have sooo much fun!!
Game of Roads
Tommi Urtti
**** 4/5 - "There's a thoughtful, austere puzzle game waiting at the end of this road." - J. Minor, 148apps.com **** Settle on tiles, connect them with roads. Build up their values by connecting multiple tiles to your...
Planet Quest
OutOfTheBit Ltd
Download Planet QUEST for free now! Planet QUEST is a brand new rhythm game you’ll never want to put down. Do you want to see rabbits dancing with giraffes to some bangin’ beats? Then this game is for you! Tap on...
A Bao Baby Day Care
zhenhe xue
One of our Bratz friends was asked to take care of some babies at home, but there are so many of them that she can't do it alone! Why don't you help her entertain them and give them everything they need while at the...
Barber Shop Styler
liaoran chen
Run the barber shop and make sure that every customer is leaving with a perfect haircut and a big smile. To do so you need to give the customers a full beauty hair treatment including washing, cutting, styling and...
География памяти России бесплатно
FunStudyo Inc
Учиться во время игры, играть, пока вы учитесь! Вы любопытны ребенок с большой интерес к географии? Нравится ли вам...
Impossible Color
Meidan Zwiebel
Shoot the colored balls according to the color appearing on the screen. Attention! - the time is short and the game will get more challenging at every second. In order to succeed in the game you must have good...