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Nav Clock

by Split Rail, Inc.
ON SALE for the New Year!!! FEATURES:
● Julian date options (JD, JDN, MJD, RJD).
● Background sky condition photographs change to closely approximate the current sky conditions in your vicinity. Over 90 background sky condition photographs are included with more being added with each update.
● Displays the time and location, offset from Greenwich Mean Time, aviation “Zulu” time (GMT), geographic coordinates, elevation above mean sea level (requires GPS), and the accuracy of the location.
● Barometric pressure indicator.
● Current weather station information for your location including “Feels Like” temperature, the Wind Chill or Heat Index based upon the temperature, wind, and humidity. A fine resolution of the current weather conditions is displayed including wind gusts, wind variability, and visibilities as low as “<50” feet in some cases.
● Many preference settings allow you to customize the format of the display including the metric system, 24-hour time, Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, Degrees-Minutes.M, or WGS 84 coordinate systems, Fahrenheit, Celsius, or both, tenths of degrees, aviation weather formats, disable auto-lock (prevents the screen from sleeping), and more.
● Languages: English. Partial translations for German, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Recent changes:
Improved the resolution of connectivity condition status messages when connecting to the NOAA weather web site. It used to just display a generic "No Internet Connection" when a connectivity problem occurred. Several enhancements and bug fixes.

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