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Griffin Clock

by Griffin Technology
A simple bedside alarm clock for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that does exactly what an alarm clock is supposed to do...tell you the time and when it's time to wake up.

We've built in a few key extras, but for anyone looking for a simple, attractive alarm clock app, Griffin's got you covered.

• Large, easy-to-ready time display, accompanied by sunrise, sunset and moon phase based on your locale
• Swipe the multi-touch display to brighten or darken the display
• Set multiple alarms with built-in alarms tones that range from gentle bird chirps to the standard (and much reviled) enervating electrical buzzer. Or use the built-in music player to wake to a playlist.
• Seamless connection to your Calendar lets you tap to view the day's activities when you wake up.
• Tap to view local weather

Pity the humble alarm clock. The unalloyed awesome of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has tempted developers the world over to over-create clock apps that feed you your photos, someone else's photos, the news from three time zones, and detailed hour-by-hour schedule for the day. And all you want to do is know what time it is. So we built the Alarm Clock app that does exactly what we wanted it to do. And no more. We think you'll like it.

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Griffin Clock Griffin Clock Griffin Clock

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