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uPocketCam - 2 Way & Cloud
UBNTEK Co., Ltd.
uPocketCam enables you to turn camera-enabled iOS devices(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) into IP cameras with audio and motion/face detection capabilities. It allows you to remotely monitor live audio and video feeds from...
Scent Log
Angela Bedell
A utility application for detection dog training and working. This application can also be used for bed bug canine teams and general scent detection record keeping. Features include: text field entries, picker...
C2 Armed
PC Security Net Corporation
The Number #1 and Only ARMED App for Your Personal Protection and Security! 

 C2 Armed was designed to allow you to get help by simply opening the APP! This amazing new “Armed trigger ” feature will...
eCar Trip Cost Calculator
Nick Petrov
Taking a trip with an electric car? Calculate how much the trip will cost you in electricity.
The Cardin application allows you to activate the outputs of the 3G/WF receivers and to monitor the status of the inputs (open/closed). The answer time varies from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 60 seconds depending...
Densi’Lin : un nouvel outil d’aide au calcul de la dose de semis en lin Pour aider chaque liniculteur à mieux appréhender sa dose de semis, le Gnis (Groupement national interprofessionnel des semences et plants)...
thomas bjarnlind
Med Husbudgets app kan du enkelt göra en budget för dina byggprojekt. Lösvirke,Modulhus, Byggkreditiv, Renovering etc. Du kan lägga in offerter och verkligt utfall. När man bygger hus eller renoverar är det lätt...
Qingdao Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd.
Colored Counter
Claudiu Dobre
Have you ever said: ’If I had a dollar for every time....’? So why not to count THESE TIMES? This is a great chance to count whatever you want! Cars, planes, luggage, guests, coins and etc. – the list is endless!...
Roberta Sena
Pensando em facilitar a vida das futuras mamães, disponibilizamos o App Enxovalzinho, com ele você vai poder montar sua lista de enxoval e fazer suas compras tranquilamente, sem se preocupar se esqueceu de algo....
ai.type keyboard Plus
ai.type Ltd
ai.type is the smartest, most personalized keyboard for smartphones and tablets. With over 25 million users worldwide and over 30 languages supported, we transform messaging and writing experience, globally! Our app...
Call My Bae
Justin Yu
Don't search through contacts to call your significant other! With ONE click tell your Bae how much he/she means to you! The Apple equivalent of speed dial! Simple to use and beautifully designed...
TCA Software Solutions
Con esta aplicación, los clientes de los productos de TCA Software Solutions podrán levantar solicitudes de soporte, actualización o mantenimiento a las aplicaciones instaladas, así como reportar errores, enviar...
Formula Editor
Peisheng Zhang
with this app, you can create your own formula to use, there are 4 vars can be used in this app. for example, if you want to create a formula for rectangular area, you can do as below: Creating a formula: 1. create a...
Foosol, LLC
There are many doodle apps out there. Why is this any better? 1. Simple for all ages. 2. Most tools you will need are on the main screen. 3. No hidden menus or pop-ups. 4. No in-app purchases. 5. What you see is what...
Reckal - Provides access to latest hazardous and unsafe product recalls with real-time notifications
PlexObject Solutions, Inc.
Reckal App provides access to latest product recalls from a dozens of online resources such as Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), U.S. Food and Drug...
Trevo Brasil Drywall
Oficina 4 Arquitetura e Comunicacao Ltda.
Realize seu projeto com facilidade. Com o Trevo Brasil Drywall você calcula a quantidade de materiais necessário. No nosso aplicativo você também terá acesso aos nossos manuais. Você fará facilmente cálculos...
TicTalkToc Lite
Do you need a reliable timer for your speeches? Take a look at TicTalkToc. If you are part of a speaking club and need easy access to a timer, TicTalkToc is the perfect application. With built-in speech times already...
PS Key
PS Coin, LLC
PS Key™ is the first ever decentralized two-factor security. It's also the fastest ever two-factor security. PS Key is the most advanced two-factor security. Period. Security should feel natural, not tedious. PS Key...
Jens Holloch
Are you tired of remembering many passwords? Many websites you need to sign in, then come up with a secure password and this is also noted. Later, you have forgotten the password and it starts again from the beginning....