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by Verkehrsauskunft Österreich
Welcome to INFO OÖVV App, the mobile timetable information of the Oberösterreichischen Verkehrsverbund

The INFO OÖVV App finds for you Austria-far always the best way: with public means of transportation, the bicycle, on foot or by car. Moreover, the INFO OÖVV App can combine also all means of transportation with each other: with the functions bike & ride, bicycle entrainment, park & ride, kiss & ride and motorail train.

Based on the Traffic Information Austria (VAO) the whole traffic events are covered therefore.

The INFO OÖVV App always uses the newest data and shows beside the topical situation on the roads and traffic cameras also all building sites, traffic jam, delays, diversion and changes in the traffic network. The information flows in onto the Routing with and delivers therefore topical connections for your query. The user does not have to know stop names, the topical location can be used by activation of the GPS detection as a source place or the desired aim address, a street name or Point of Interest is given. Start or aim stops can be also selected comfortably about the map.

The INFO OÖVV App allows quick, uncomplicated information, a realistic comparison of the time involvement of different modalities, clear maps and charts to the orientation offer and fascinate with a modern design. A favorite choice, dispatch of the connection and info via e-mail or SMS, storage of the departure times and arrival times in the calendar are other useful features.

Overview of the functions the INFO OÖVV App:

· Stop search via GPS

· Journey proposals incl. time involvement

· Connecting dispatch via e-mail or SMS

· Memory possibility with reminiscent function in the calendar

· Clear map representation by high-resolution map

· Define your own favorites

· Intermodal comparison between public trnsportation, foot / bicycle routes and motocar routes and the time involvement

· Monitor announcement for an elective stop

Recent changes:
•This update is highly recommended for iOS devices without a retina display; it is required for a proper display of the map whose format will change at the end of April 2015 •Now optimized for tablets •Monitor shows departures within the next 24 hours (at most 50 departures), currently only within the next 2 hours •Identical entries for origin and destination are detected before a search request •User is notified in case of empty input fields •Map: Optimized display of locations for bicycle parking •Detail info in maps associated with a connection or a line can be deactivated •Bugfix: Export of journey details to calendar patched •Bugfix: Now stable display of the map, when maximum zoom level is reached •Map: Texts indicating that map data are loaded have been aligned •Minor bugfixes and other minor improvements

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