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Griffin DriveSafe

by Griffin Technology
Griffin's DriveSafe app combines handy enhanced map services and quick access to the laws governing handsfree phone and texting use in your area to help keep you informed and compliant with local laws.

• Map Services: Find nearby roadside services, restaurant, gas station or medical facilities based on your location.

• Driving Laws: Drive in compliance with the law. DriveSafe provides summaries of laws governing handsfree calling and texting in your area.

• Solutions Finder: Find the best Griffin solutions based on your vehicle and your needs for decreasing the distractions that can be caused by smartphones and other in-car electronics.

DriveSafe won't make you a better driver. Only you can do that. But being aware of your surroundings and the laws governing your locale can help you make the decisions you need to drive more safely.

Recent changes:
• Localized in French & German

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Griffin DriveSafe Griffin DriveSafe Griffin DriveSafe Griffin DriveSafe Griffin DriveSafe

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