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Camping List PRO for iPad

by Anatoli Rastorgouev

How many times have gone on a trip and finally realized you've forgotten something? This beautifully designed app will always keep you organized for your next camping, hiking, backpacking, RV or any other trip!

Why you need this app:
✭ Saves Time: With the list at hand you spend less time preparing for a trip.
✭ Eases Stress: With the list prepared in advance you will be at ease getting ready for a trip.
✭ Saves the Environment: Reduce paper usage by using our app.

Main Features:
✔ Simplicity: Just two taps to add an item!
✔ Built-in self-learning dictionary: Pre-loaded with a large list of items you might take on a trip. Entered items are automatically stored in the dictionary for future fast query.
✔ Smart grouping: Items are automatically grouped within the list and labeled with icons. Items can also be checked into two folders - "done" and "undone".
✔ Calendar: View and access your lists conveniently from a calendar.
✔ Unlimited lists: Create and manage as many lists as you like.
✔ Unlimited categories: Add, delete and modify item categories.
✔ Passcode security.
✔ Retina HD support.
✔ Gorgeous interface.

Other useful features:
✔ Items can be added with their name, quantity and note
✔ Swipe across an item to complete, to delete or move it back to undone
✔ Send lists by email or text message
✔ App badge to indicate how many undone items you have
✔ Custom sound effects

If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email.

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