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by Nichikare Corporation
Tourney is tournament management made simple. With Tourney, you can easily create and manage tournaments for anything from large sporting events to beer pong with a group of friends.

- Create an unlimited number of tournaments.
- Big tournament? No problem. You can create brackets for up to 512 participants.
- Manage and seed participants with ease.
- Enter scores, set dates and keep notes for matches.
- No need for an internet connection. This app works offline.
- Intuitive and mobile-friendly user interface.
- No hidden fees, in-app purchases or ads. Ever.

The development of Tourney is based upon many years of experience building tournament management systems. We offer this app as a finished product but we definitely have a bunch of great ideas of what we would like to include in subsequent versions. Have feedback or suggestions? Please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

Recent changes:
Improved offline data storage. General performance improvements and bug fixes.

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Tourney Tourney Tourney Tourney Tourney

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