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Nichikare Corporation
Tourney is tournament management made simple. With Tourney, you can easily create and manage tournaments for anything from large sporting events to beer pong with a group of friends. - Create an unlimited number of...
Cricket Live score for World Cup 2015 Pro - commentary, Schedule, Point table
nikunj Kalariya
Cricket Live score for World Cup 2015 Pro provide a very fast, latest & accurate score with commentary and full score board. Now all matches schedule, live score, past matches, upcoming matches, player detail, team...
Cricket Emoji Pro
ankit moradiya
Cricket Emoji Pro is an application for including different Cricket emojis into the standard message including voice Emojis. You can type different emojis for Cricket Players, Players' styles, Carnival styles, Mask...
GolfView W
Locate selected golf hole area on satellite map then show distance from tee to any target.
Water Aerobics
Tony Walsh
Water Aerobics is a great way to get and stay in shape and its also good fun! This series of 135 tuitional video lessons will give you a great understanding of what you can do and how to go about it. Lessons include:...
Jetting for Honda CRF 4 strokes motocross, SX, MX, supercross & enduro off-road race bikes - Setup carburetor without repair manual
Jetting For Honda CRF is an application that will help you configure the carb of your 4-strokes Honda CRF R bike (CRF 150 R, CRF 250 R, CRF 450 R) to improve its performance. Using temperature, altitude, humidity and...
Swim Stroke Rate
DeWeese Consulting
Stroke rates can be used as feedback for training and racing, and this calculator makes them easy to determine. Tap once per stroke cycle four times after a swimmer pushes off the wall and breaks out to get a result. A...
AFL Prospectus 2015
Champion Data
Champion Data's essential guide to the 2015 AFL season and fantasy footy ('SuperCoach', 'AFL Fantasy Classic') is now available for the iPad for the second year. This easy to manage tablet app includes all 414 pages...
Game Caller
Patrick Powell
Game call for hunting predators, deer and fowl. All sounds from open-source. Predator calls - Rabbit in distress Rabbit in distress with coyte howl Pig in distress Deer calls - Rattling horns Doe in estruss Buck grunt...
كلام جميل
abdulhamid alhumaidi
تطبيق كلام جميل تطبيق كلام جميل يهتم باختيار الكلمات الرائعة و الجميلة أيضاًَ يهتم كلام جميل بالكلمات المميزة...
How To Play Golf - Complete Video Guide
Bharati Nirmal
How To Play Golf is the complete video guide for you to learn golf. Application Includes: - How To Play Golf - Golf For Beginner - Golf Rules - Golf Swing - Golf Drills - Golf Fitness - Tips Get Your Copy today before...
VIPBANKO - Sportsbook Betting Tips Bet Predictions Betting Expert Soccer & Basketball Odds insider accumulator
Orhan Yildirim
Football Betting Tips Basketball Betting Tips Ice Hockey Betting Tips Nba Betting Tips Free football and Basketball Betting sports picks, Free daily Bet predictions from our Betting winner Tipsters. Also you will have...
Human Air Hockey
Gary Shev
Air Hockey with a Huge Twist! Play with friends in two player, or go for single player. Choose from tons of Humans for the puck! A unique game and the most exciting Air Hockey game you could play! Check out our other...
Ringtone For Beşiktaş
Fatih Dursun
Beşiktaş'ın zil sesleri her zaman yanınızda. Beşiktaş'ın en beğenilen marşları, tezahüratlarını artık iPhone`da zil sesi olarak hemde yüksek ses kalitesi ile kullanabilirsiniz. Piyasadaki bir çok...
Yinjie He
App Store中最据权威的篮球宝典。让你可以在短时间内从菜鸟到高手的必备神器。...
SY: Compare - Easy Tennis Video Comparison Tool For Player or Coach
Spherical Yellow
Improve your Tennis Game with SY: Compare. Our WIZARD is unique! Players: Compare your strokes with your family, friends, coach, or even a pro you admire! You know it's fun to compare yourself to the big name players,...
Ski School Experts
Ski School Experts combines inspirational, professionally produced how to ski video lessons with cutting-edge movement analysis technology to take your skiing to the next level. Pushing on from our advanced ski lessons...
Soccer Lessons for iPad
Diomede Entertainment
We hope you'll enjoy our app and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at customerservice@martialartscollege.com
A T20 Power Ball Cricket Premier Fever - Worldcup Bowling Championship Pro
Chris Power
**THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS** Download and enjoy this new awesome game! Play cricket in a different kind of way. This is not your usual cricket game where you play with an opponent team. This game involves...
Dilbeys Cricket
Gamillus Entertainment Technologies Private Limited
Plan your innings, pace your chase, pick the right balls to hit, time the ball with precision and be the champion! Chase the target in 10 overs and win the match in any two of the three most extra-ordinary grounds in...