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With over 14 Million downloads, WhitePages is the #1 people and business search iPhone app.

WhitePages for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch makes it easy to search for people, find businesses and identify unknown calls -- anytime, anywhere.


“Does just about everything you could ask.” – Macworld
“WhitePages is a must.” - Appshouter
“This app is Amazing.” – Appvee

2011 Webby Award Nominee


With more than 200 million U.S. adults and businesses at your fingertips you can:

Look up almost anyone in the largest U.S. directory with WhitePages People Search.

Use yellow pages Business Search to find local business info for pizza, restaurants, hotels and more by name or category.

Find popular businesses near you fast with Store Locator. Scroll through smart icons that display when stores are in your vicinity.

Use Reverse Phone Number Search as caller ID to screen unknown calls and text messages.

Get maps and driving directions from your current location for any search.

Add phone numbers and addresses to your iPhone Contacts.



- Search for people in WhitePages, the #1 online phone directory
- Reverse Phone Number Search
- Local Business Search and enhanced Store Locator
- Recent search results saved for easy access, even when you’re off the network
- Tap to Call
- Add Contacts to your iPhone or iPad
- Maps and Driving Directions
- Premium Reverse Phone Number Search for cell numbers and other hard to identify numbers.


Keywords: people search, white pages,yellow pages, yellowpages, maps, driving directions, business search, navigation

Recent changes:
Enhanced info for businesses including website, hours of operation, ratings, reviews, and descriptions.

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