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Boilermaker Study Quiz

by Craig Spell
What it is:
This study quiz was designed to help the experienced craftsman as well as the apprentice. If you're looking to break out as a craftsman, just wanting to learn more, or even test your current knowledge; this study quiz is for you. Built by the craftsman for the craftsman. You'll be sure to learn trade secrets and refresh your memory on forgotten ones with this easy to use app. Are you studying for national level test and want to use this quiz to study additional topics found in other study guides? No problem, build your own questions as you study and include them on the quiz!

What it's not:
Although, this study quiz tends to encompass some exam objectives for the boiler making field; it does not guarantee you to pass any exams nor should it be used as a substitution for field time, apprenticeship, or required training. The boiler making field can be a hazardous environment and this quiz is not meant to inform you of, or protect you from all of the associated hazards.

Recent changes:
BoilerQuiz Version 1.1.0 Added some mild animations including button animations Added score area in the question validation screen repaired an issue that could cause images to size wrong when loading from additional resources fixed more grammatical errors and capitalization errors added some new questions Previous Enhancements BoilerQuiz version 1.0.3 changed email address for email support added backwards compatibility to IOS 8.0 small code improvements for settings version 1.0.2 improved navigation buttons in additional resources added tower/column image fixed an issue that could result in the done button being hidden on some devices in Settings Control Section improved the look of the navigation buttons in question builder updated the app icon to better fit the look of IOS 8+ fixed an issue that could cause switches not to set properly when adding user supplied questions fixed an issue where answers on a couple of questions possibly found in some beta versions showed wrong when the correct answer was selected fixed an issue that could cause unfinished user supplied questions to appear on the quiz fixed an issue that caused the background color to stay white in question adder if no user supplied questions existed and color was set to black background Added an option to cancel and save or delete when building a user supplied question fixed an issue on iPad that caused answers to be displayed outside of the buttons fixed a few typos and improved clarity on some questions/answers fixed an issue that could cause scrolling to "jump" on question builder general look enhancements general image/diagram enhancements fixed an issue exists that could cause extra settings switch to appear erroneously in landscape on settings page fixed an issue that could cause text to be misaligned on settings page when changing to/from landscape mode removed email questions option on question builder -> this feature was not intended to be in production version

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Boilermaker Study Quiz Boilermaker Study Quiz Boilermaker Study Quiz Boilermaker Study Quiz Boilermaker Study Quiz

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