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Most people would love to grow their own produce for use in their kitchen but just don’t know where to start. The Growing App will help you choose what to grow regardless of how much space you have, making growing produce no longer a dream but a reality!

The app has an A to Z reference growing guide which has detailed information on:
- best varieties to grow
- how to grow
- how to care
- how to harvest
- issues that may occur
- companion planting
- preparation and cooking
- crop rotation group
- schedule calendar
- detailed photograph

We've added a new Gardens section, where you can detail whats currently planted in your gardens, year by year, storing your own notes, photos and harvest information

The app also has a ‘What to Plant Now' section so you no longer need to remember what needs to be done when, the app will do it for you!

The app currently contains 30 vegetable growing guides but will be updated to have all vegetables, fruit and herbs.

The app also has its own Facebook page where you can chat with like minded people about what you are growing and how its going.

Its a great app for children to get them involved in growing in the garden and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

Exciting times a head for the app, we will be adding the following features:
- Gardening journal, where you can create a garden day by day diary
- To do section which will link in with the Apple Watch
- Ability to back up your data to the cloud

If there is anything you are not sure of or you want to know more, please drop us an email at or contact us on Facebook or Twitter at

Recent changes:
We've added a new Garden log section, where you are able to detail what is currently planted in your gardens year by year, storing your own notes, photos and harvest information. No need for those old note books, everything is now in one place! If you like the update, can you please leave a review, we'd really appreciate it.

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