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by Logos Bible Software
Logos Bible Software puts the most powerful Bible study tools in the world right in the palm of your hand. Immediately you will gain access to over 40 free Bibles from, including ESV, NASB, HCSB, NKJV, NLT, KJV and more.* When you sign up for a free account, access to an additional 30+ titles will be given to you! This app doesn’t just offer access to free content but the most advanced mobile Bible study tools available. This is Bible study re-imagined.

As an added bonus for users of Logos Bible Software 4 base packages, this app becomes a powerhouse—syncing much of your library* right to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Your favorite resources, bookmarks, and settings are kept in sync between your iPhone and your desktop. It saves your last location in each of your books, so you can leave your desk and pick up your reading right where you left off on your mobile device. Reading plans are synced, so you can follow a reading plan wherever you are.


• Free access to more than 30 Bibles from, including popular English versions like the HCSB, NKJV, ESV, NLT, NASB, and KJV*
• Even more free books when you create a free account
• Read, search, follow cross references, compare versions, and even set up reading plans to keep your daily Bible reading on schedule
• Jump to a passage by typing the reference, using the book navigator, or dragging the scrollbar to the right location
• The Text Comparison feature lets you see a verse in multiple versions, with differences highlighted. Use the powerful Logos 4 search engine to run queries against your library
• Quickly look up scripture in a popup by clicking on the reference in any ebook
• Read licensed ebooks offline


“If you create a free account at, you gain access to even more free resources. That's even better.”
— TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

“This app is by far one of the best free Bible apps to hit the App Store.”

*User Reviews*

“What a great addition to my Bible study tools. With Logos’ reputation, and this app as a starting point, I can only imagine where you will go from here.”
— Lee Perry

“This app is great! As a theologian who never leaves home without their iPhone I recommend this program to scholar and layman alike. Logos is always at the top in Biblical studies.”
— William Albrecht

“I must say that Logos has outdone itself this time. This app is simply put, “THE BEST” in Bible software on a mobile platform.
— Mauriceb

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* The list of ebooks that can be read through Logos Bible Software is changing constantly as we secure rights and convert resources.

Recent changes:
Improved * Book downloads can be resumed * Book downloads are restarted if the app is quit * Books are downloaded again if the are missing, e.g. after a restore from backup Fixed * Downloaded books are not removed when the device is low on space on iOS 5.0.1+ * Presentations alert didn’t display correctly if the device was in landscape orientation * Stability fix for certain network failures Known Issues * Sharing via Twitter crashes on iOS 5 (this bug exists in all previous versions) This will be the last version to support iOS 3.x.

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