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Artlas — atlas of painters, art movement, styles and masterpieces of painting

by Gamarkable arts
On the Internet, you can find pretty much any popular artist or read an article about a particular movement, but to get an understanding of how they are connected and who represents which particular school or movement, in each country, or to break down a country into the art movements, then the movements to their representative artists on the same screen — is a not an easy task. Artlas solves it easily!

Artlas provides with the access to tens of thousands of artworks. But this is not just a gallery, but rather a navigational app that allows you to explore the world of Art in a systematic way, and effortlessly switch between various representational views. For example, the default view you would see on the first run can be described as:

— Show only impressionists and group them by the countries of their origin, and sort by their influence and impact.

There you can notice that the significant impact was done by the French artists, and then you might wonder what are the other art movements, where French artists did a lot of impact as well? With Artlas you can do it within just ten seconds by setting up another view, that can be described as:

— Show only French artists and group them by the art movements they worked in, and sort by the influence and impact.

You see lots of interesting there, but decided to go back to Impressionists, and all you need to do for this is just swipe right at the bottom of the screen!
While traditional apps focus on the individual artists or movements, we focus on the understanding of the art as a whole, its structure and internal connections, while still providing you with everything you need to explore individual artists or movements.

Artlas allows you to create your own gallery of favorite artworks and view them as slideshow even when you are offline.

— Sort and filter artists by different genres, movements, nationalities, schools using innovative graph
— Favorite artists you like
— Create your own gallery of artworks
— Search by artist’s name
— See Top-250 popular artists
— Enjoy artworks of the gallery you created by playing through a slideshow

Recent changes:
— Wikipedia articles references — Short bio summary of artists — Enhanced navigation (second tap on a group-by node value makes it the root) — Better pagination in gallery mode — Bug fixes

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