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Pocket Earth

by Hannes Jensen
Get a new perspective on our planet with Pocket Earth!

Pocket Earth gives you a gorgeous 3D view of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth - complete with day and night areas.

- See the day and night areas of the Earth as it looks right now.
- 3D view of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon that can be rotated and zoomed*.
- See the current position and phase of the Moon.
- Tilt to landscape view to see a flat map of the day and night areas of the Earth.
- View the position where the Sun is at the zenith (shown as a red dot).
- No internet connection needed, everything is calculated on the fly.

* Note: this is not a map application like Google Earth. You can only zoom in a small distance.

Recent changes:
New Zealand is now visible in the map view mode.

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Pocket Earth Pocket Earth Pocket Earth

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