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by Pixio LLC
MobileStudio is a full-featured file manager that lets you create, view, and edit files on the go! Then you can share those files wirelessly with your full-size computer.

MobileStudio is Universal. That means you can use it on any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch you own! At Pixio, we feel you shouldn't have to pay twice for software, and that updates should always be free.

iOS 4 users can transfer files to/from a computer over a USB iPod cable using iTunes, no WiFi network required.

iPhones, iPod Touches, or iPads running MobileStudio can also transfer files with one another using Bluetooth!

You can transfer files from your computer, carry them around with you, and access them from any computer with a web browser! Uses the time-tested FTP and WebDAV protocols.

MobileStudio is just that: a portable, hand-held studio. It can be used to create, modify, and organize files just like you would on a laptop or desktop using Apple's Finder™ or Microsoft's Explorer™.

MobileStudio features:

* Intuitive filesystem browser and editor
* File transfers to and from a Mac or PC
* Bluetooth file transfers between devices
* Compatible with Mac OS X™ 10.4, 10.5, 10.6
* Compatible with Windows 7, Vista™, XP™
* Compatible with all flavors of Linux™
* Standard file operations
* Text file creation and editing
* Image file creation and editing
* Sound file creation and editing
* Movie file playback
* PDF & Web viewer
* Zip archive compression
* Office™ and iWork™ document viewer
* Emailing of files as attachments

Bluetooth File Transfers:
* Between two iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads
* Both devices must have MobileStudio
* Compatible with two-way Bluetooth devices
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone 3GS
- iPod Touch 2nd Generation or Higher
- iPad
* Not Compatible with one-way Bluetooth
- iPhone 2G
- iPod Touch 1st Generation

Editable File Formats:

* Text Documents (Email them too!)
- UTF8 Text (.txt)
- Any other plain-text file (eg. .html)
* Images (Save in .jpeg or .png formats)
- Joint Photographic Group (.jpg)
- Portable Network Graphic (.png)
- Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)
- Bitmap (.bmp)
- Icon (.ico)
* Sound
- Wave (.wav),
- Audio Interchange Format (.aif)
* Archives
- Zip Files (.zip)

Viewable File Formats:

* Text Documents
- Word 97 (.doc)
- Word 2003 (.xml)
- Word 2007 (.docx)
- Pages (
- Rich Text (.rtf)
- Rich Text Directory (
- UTF8 Text (.txt)
* Spreadsheets
- Excel 97 (.xls)
- Excel 2007 (.docx)
- Numbers (
* Presentations
- PowerPoint 97 (.ppt)
- Keynote (
* Internet
- Portable Document Files (.pdf)
- HTML Files (.html)
- Safari Web Archives (.webarchive)
* Images
- Joint Photographic Group (.jpg)
- Portable Network Graphic (.png)
- Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)
- Bitmap (.bmp)
- Icon (.ico)
* Sound
- Mpeg-1 Audio Layer 3 (.mp3)
- Mpeg-4 Part 14 (.m4a)
- Wave (.wav)
- Audio Interchange Format (.aif)
* Video
- Mpeg-4 Part 14
- (.mov, .mp4, .mpv, .m4v)
* Archives
- Zip Files (.zip)

File Operations:
* Create
- Folder
- Text File (.txt)
- Image File (.jpg, .png)
- Sound File (.wav)
* Move
* Copy
* Delete (includes Trash feature)
* Zip (creates .zip archive)

Security Features:

* Application Launch Password
Protects the application from being used on the device without a password

* File-Level Read/Write Protection
Protects individual files from being read or overwritten via WiFi. Also prevents accidental modification of important files.

Viewing Flexibility:

* Offers full-screen viewing of all file types in landscape and portrait mode.

Pixio Quality and Functionality:

* MobileStudio is the most versatile file manager available for iPhone OS. Get more done on the go.

Recent changes:
* Fixed bugs related to iOS5

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