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by Griffin Technology
Qscript is a full-featured prompter app for iPad, perfect for scrolling scripts and speeches for speakers and on-screen talent.

Type in your script using Qscript's built-in text editor, load a file from your Dropbox account, or copy and paste text on your iPad. Then add cues, pauses and speaker change commands so your scrolling script behaves exactly as you need it to.

When your presentation begins, Qscript "plays" the text of your speech, scrolling through at a user-adjustable rate and displaying your speech in adjustable type large enough to be read from a distance. Tap the screen to start, stop and pause, as well as jump between your cues. And handy timers make it easy to track your elapsed time against the time allocated to stay on schedule.

Professional teleprompters can cost $1000 or more. Griffin's Qscript delivers professional features and performance on your iPad for far less. Give it a try today.

Recent changes:
• Fixed a problem that would sometimes cause script text to vanish. • Fixed a problem that caused the new document alert to appear jumbled on devices running iOS 5.0 • Fixed a problem where the portion of script text were not visible in the editor view. • Qscript will no longer occasionally crash when exiting the teleprompter screen. • Fixed an assortment of minor memory leaks.

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