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by Headlight Software, Inc.
Your iPhone or iPod touch is a wireless floppy disk: an AirFloppy. Save, share and view files on your iPhone.

It couldn't be easier: there is no special setup at all. Just type the address shown on your iPhone or iPod touch into your web browser to browse, view, and download the files on your iPhone. Add files by using a simple form, as easy as adding an attachment to an email.

AirFloppy works from any type of computer: a Mac, Windows, or Linux. And not only can you browse AirFloppy from any computer, but you can view files from another iPhone too using just its own built-in Safari browser. (Note: All your computers and iPhones/iPod touches will simply need to be on the same WiFi wireless network.)

Once you've saved files onto AirFloppy, you can view many common file types right on your iPhone or iPod touch. View pictures and videos; open Word, Excel, PDF, Pages, and Numbers documents; and edit any text files like html, css, or php files.

If you're a more advanced user, you can use any FTP client to access AirFloppy too. This gives you more options, like adding a whole bunch of files easily, or renaming and moving files in AirFloppy.

And much more. Add a login to protect your files; even customize the look of the web pages shown when accessing your AirFloppy.

Recent changes:
* Bug fix for running on iPhone OS 2.x

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