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Active Planner

by Anatoli Rastorgouev
Your only day planner you will ever need to be on track with your schedule!


Active Planner helps users plan ahead their daily activities as easily as possible with just a few taps. Users are given a flexible set of categories ranging from "Meeting" to"Entertainment" among others. Once the category is selected, users can choose the time frame of the activity as well as apply other useful features the app has. Activities can be planned out and viewed day-by-day or in a practical calendar layout.

✓ Stunning, fast and user friendly interface
✓ Just a few taps to log an activity
✓ Practical month and day layouts
✓ Flexible set of predefined categories
✓ Add your own custom categories to an existing list
✓ Customize your activities with colors
✓ Add people to your activities directly from your contacts without leaving the app
✓ Set multiple notifications per activity
✓ Export your schedule straight to email
✓ And more...

Life is busier than ever and getting the most of every moment is vital. So start planning your daily schedule with Active Planner and see the results!

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Active Planner Active Planner Active Planner Active Planner

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