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by iRevolution Ltd.
Vemory takes “true” horizontal video, while you hold your device vertically in a natural way!

Vemory is the best pill from fast-spreading Vertical Video Syndrome. The main symptom is a thin video line with huge black lines on sides while you watch a video on monitors, TVs and other usual screens. This pill doesn’t have any side effects, “tobby” or pixilation.

Say “NO” to vertical videos!

And it's not the end! Vemory allows taking not only usual video, but also unique videoclips by using a system of instant frames patching.

It’s still not the end! Vemory informs you about memory left on your device for taking video.

App features:
- Taking horizontal video while you hold your device vertically
- An opportunity to change a format of object finder (16x9 – 16x10), sound on/off, flash on/off
- A smart system of informing about time available for recording
- Sending video through e-mail
- An instant sharing video in social networks Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo

Keep all moments of life in memory with Vemory!

- iPhone 4/4S/5 with iOS 6.x
- Internet connection is required for sending video or sharing in social networks

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Vemory Vemory Vemory Vemory Vemory

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