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FAIL Maker

by Griffin Technology
Finally, something productive you can do with your iPhone. (Or 2nd gen iPod touch.)

Who doesn't see FAIL every day? The next time you see FAIL, point it out following approved protocol, with FAIL Maker from Griffin.

FAIL Maker is dead simple: Take a photo, or select one from your library, and drag the appropriate captions into it. FAIL Maker lets you position your captions to label the FAIL with pinpoint accuracy. Or, you can point out when something/someone is PWND, or merely WRONG. Even combine captions to demonstrate EPIC FAIL.

Afterward, the photo is saved in your photo library, ready to be emailed to wherever you desire.

FAIL Maker is free, because you can't put a price on FAIL. You can, however, put advertisements on it, and we did. (They won't get in your way, and you might see something you like.)

Now get out there and caption your life!

Recent changes:
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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