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FTP Picture Upload

by Headlight Software, Inc.
Upload photos to your website with just a few taps. Keep your website updated with the latest photos no matter where you are.

After you've chosen your settings, just touch the camera, touch to take a picture, and that's it. Your photo will be uploaded.

FTP Picture Upload automatically sizes the photo, can name the photo for you, and even creates thumbnails to go along with the photos. And all pictures can be added into the "Photos" app on your iPhone too. You can even set the JPG image quality.

FTP Picture Upload works both via 3G/Edge cellular connection as well as WiFi.

* Have an iPod touch? You can still upload any pictures from the photo library stored on your iPod!

* You will need your own FTP server where you can upload files! This app can not upload to Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Recent changes:
* Fix to handle iPhone 3GS larger image sizes. * Fix to add image to photo library before resizing. * Added option to do numbering with 0 padding, like 001. * Bug fixes.

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FTP Picture Upload FTP Picture Upload FTP Picture Upload

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