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Editions by AOL

by AOL Inc.
Editions by AOL is a beautiful, new, daily magazine that reads you.

It learns what you like (and what you don’t) and delivers a magazine that’s personalized just for you, each day. With Editions, you spend less time searching and more time reading what interests you.

See what our users are saying…
- My new favorite iPad app @editions. The app has resurrected my iPad use.

- I have to say this is the best iPad app I have ever used. Keep up the awesome content!

- This is only the 2nd Edition that I've read so far and I love it! Apps like yours are the reason I bought an iPad and the reason I tell my friends it was worth every penny.

- I love Editions! It's great to finally have a magazine about stuff that I LIKE and interest me.

- Editions by AOL just gave me a whole new enthusiasm for the iPad. What a great digital magazine!

More about Editions
Whether you’re into Entertainment, Tech, or Fashion, or just want to keep up with business news or local happenings, Editions connects you with the best stories that match your interests.

Some of the cool things in Editions include:

Personalization – Fine-tuning Editions to match your interests is a snap. Pick Keywords that you like and don’t like and Editions learns what you care about and delivers a magazine built just for you.

Sections – Pick from 19 different sections to add in your Editions, including Top News, Tech, Business, Family, Health & Fitness, Sports, Entertainment, Music, and Travel. You choose what sections you want to see and in what order.

Sources – Have a favorite site or news source? We thought so. Add it to Editions and you’ll begin seeing articles from that news source.

Local News and Weather – Editions is the first iPad magazine to deliver daily comprehensive local news and weather. It’s simple, just add your zip code!

Daily Calendar – What do you get when you connect Facebook and sync your iCal with Editions? An amazing, personalized magazine with a built-in calendar, displaying all your important events, meetings, and friends’ birthdays. Sweet!

Sharing – Easily share any of the great articles in Editions on Facebook or Twitter, or by email with just a few simple taps.

- You pick when you want your Edition delivered each day
- Bookmark your favorite articles so you can go back and read them later
- Jump to any article or section
- Adjustable font size
- Select the colors you want your Edition to come in

Compatible with any iPad running iOS 4.0 or higher.

Recent changes:
Editions is now available in the UK and Canada! Hooray! Tell your friends! New Features in Editions 1.1. • Two new Sections! Check out Men's Style and Books, your modern gentlemen's' guide to men's fashion and style plus the latest book news and reviews. • Want to delete an old Edition? You can tap and hold on the Edition cover and you'll see a small x in the top right. You can remove any old Edition, just not your current one :) • Ever miss a section? We've made a ton of improvements to our article collection process to ensure your favorite sections get delivered every day. • With this update we've also improved page swiping - it's now easier to swipe through and ensure that you don't get stuck on pages. • Check out landscape! You can now view your Edition in any orientation. • You look really nice today.

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