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by Sandra Becker
Set of instruments for general aviation airplanes, free flight, ultra-light, gliders, hot air balloons on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Includes a real barometric altimeter and variometer for iPhone 6 and later and iPad Air 2 and later.

GPS modes allows to use the application even on devices without barometric pressure captors (below iPhone 6 of iPad Air 2).

The currently available instruments are :

- Ground Speed Indicator
- Barometric and GPS altimeter
- Barometric and GPS variometer
- Barometric and GPS glider style variometer, including vario sound
- True Course Indicator
- Chronometer

Made by real pilots for real pilots, the application is fully configurable, choosing witch units and scales you wish on each instrument.

We are working hard on new features, please visit our web site and forum to give us input about your preferences.

Recent changes:
• We added variometer scales for users asking to use SkyNav for walks, trails and cycling • We added a meter/minute unit for variometer (now we have feet/min, meters/min and meters/seconde) • You can now set the damping factor for the variometers : a high value is suited for slow variations (like walks, trails and cycling), a low setting is suited when you like a very reactive variometer (paragliding or glider usages). Set to 1/3 to get a typical aircraft variometer reaction. • When you set a pressure (QNH or QFE) on your iPhone, the synchronization with your Apple Watch is now much more reactive. More features coming soon !

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