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Here I Am Now!

by George Wilde
Here I Am Now! displays your current location on a map and follows you as you move. It uses reverse geocoding and speech synthesis to display and announce each street address as you pass nearby (e.g.; “4 Elm Street”, “6 Elm Street”, “8 Elm Street”, etc.). It follows you on a detailed map as you drive, ride, or walk past buildings and residences, verbally announcing each address as you pass by. The use of synthesized speech means that you are not distracted by having to look at a screen, but rather can just listen to the spoken addresses as you pass nearby.

Here I Am Now! provides interoperability with the Apple Watch. Here I Am Now! for Apple Watch allows you to launch Here I Am Now! and turn synthesized speech on or off from the Apple Watch. Here I Am Now! for Apple Watch provides a small detailed map of your current location, as well as a display of your current street address. Here I Am Now! for Apple Watch allows you to zoom this map in or out to achieve the best view, and follows you as you move along in sync with Here I Am Now! for iPhone.

Here I Am Now! allows you to share your current location with friends and family, but only if you elect to do so. You can send your current location information via Messages and Mail, or post it to Twitter, Facebook, and many other services. You can take a photo of your current location, or use any photo currently on your iPhone, to include with your shared location information if you so desire.

HereI Am Now! also provides detailed location information including your current latitude, longitude, and altitude, as well as complete address information.  It furthermore displays a street view of your current location in areas where street view is available.

Obviously Here I Am Now! is only effective in areas where locations have been geocoded, but that includes most cities in the US. Here I Am Now! also relies on GPS signals to determine your detailed location and cell (or Wi-Fi) network connections to access the geocoding data. As with all navigation applications, the accuracy of information displayed and spoken by Here I Am Now! is dependent on many factors, including GPS and geocoding availability and accuracy, and Network connectivity.

Recent changes:
Significant improvements were made to Here I Am Now! when used with an Apple Watch. Here I Am Now! for Apple Watch now launches the Here I Am Now! iPhone App properly in the background, and provides location updates and speech synthesis of addresses while operating in the background. Here I Am Now! Location Services settings must be set to "Always" to permit background location updates. However, to conserve battery usage, the Here I Am Now! iPhone App will only use location services in the background for about 5 minutes when launched from an Apple Watch, or about 3 minutes when the iPhone App transitions from the foreground to the background. The user can always bring the iPhone App to the foreground or reactivate Here I Am Now! for Apple Watch to reinstate Location Services.

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