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CoPilot - Aviation Flight Planning
Laurie Davis
CoPilot is a multi-leg flight planning program for general aviation pilots. CoPilot performs detailed time, distance, heading, fuel, and weight & balance calculations. A free (worldwide) online database (with over...
Steven Troughton-Smith
IMPORTANT UPDATE: If Speed stopped working in an update, don't panic - it's a bug with iOS (one I have no control over). You will have to go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> and choose 'Reset Location Warnings'. Good...
Speedometer Speed Box
Hans Schneider
“Awesome!!! The best speed app on iphone” ★★★★★ by kurtonic Speed Box is a Speedometer and GPS app for both your iPhone and iPad. It displays your current speed, distance, direction and altitude. MAIN...
Go Home
Joshua Minor
A quick way to get directions from your current location to your house. No more fumbling with bookmarks in the maps application. Just 1 click from your home screen to a map with directions. It takes 8 clicks to do the...
Exploding Orange
Tell a mate where you are! Simple, fast and easy! Press the big blue button and IAmHere will build an email containing your current location. Ever been asked where you are? On the phone? Don’t know how to answer? On...
E6B Aviation Calculator
William DeWeese
Congratulations, you have found one of the finest E6B aviation flight computers designed for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and now the iPad. myE6B includes more than 75 aviation calculations and unit conversions to help...
IPHONE 3G REQUIRED - uses GPS features to calculate speed. Displays your real-time speed on either a Racing or Digital Speedometer. "What we like about this one is the simplicity of either a big three-digit digital...
Path Tracker
Record your path, save it to the web, and share it with friends! Path Tracker displays the distance you've traveled, elapsed time, average speed, latitude, longitude, and altitude. On PathTracks.com you can view your...
Geopher Lite
Geopher Tools
Geopher Lite is a while-you-are-out geocaching application. Quickly check your current location via geocaching.com for geocaches in your area with the search button. Then type in a target latitude and longitude and let...
This application will calculate daily Geohash coordinates on your iPhone. Geohashing is a Spontaneous Adventure Generator, brought to you by the xkcd webcomic, at xkcd.com. For more information, visit www.xkcd.com, or...
NYC Subway 24-Hour KickMap
KICK Design Inc
• Works underground without an internet connection (connection only needed to lookup street addresses and get live transit alerts) • Directions without an internet connection displayed right on the map • Very...
Acknack Ltd
You don't know where you are. You don't know what's nearby. Let Locly put you in your place. Find nearby attractions, cafes and shops. Look at local photos from Flickr, and pull up Twitter or Wikipedia entries that are...
GPS Heading, Speed, and Position Sharing Application ... Now with auto-rotating Embedded World Map! The Compass - Shows you what direction you are currently heading. The faster you go, the greater the accuracy. Spot Me...
Sun Compass
Download our first game for FREE : Scoop Up ! Don't forget to rate us up. ___________ Use the Sun or the Moon to find North. Use GoogleMaps to find your location and where you need to go, then use Sun Compass to find...
✩ FEATURED on apple.com under Apps for Going Out! ✩ FEATURED on 12 Apple TV commercials internationally! 1. Park your car and hit the ‘Park Me!’ button. 2. Get lost. 3. Hit the ‘Where Did I Park?’ button....
Web Search
The fastest way to search! Toggle MSN and Yahoo search engines and get large easy to click results without wasted space. Arrow through search results at high speed without the back button and reload game. Web Search...
GoSkyWatch Planetarium - the astronomy star guide
✭✭✭✭✭ As seen in Apple's iPad 2 launch event ✭✭✭✭✭ - Easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets, constellations and more with a touch or by simply pointing to the sky. Have fun with...
Movies by OneTap - Listings, Trailers & Tickets
Avantar LLC
MACWORLD: “Let’s go out to the movies. OneTap Movies…provides showtime information for movies in your area, but it does it with a slick collapsible list of theaters.” Top Ten Reviews: "4 of 5 Stars." OneTap...
CityTransit - Official NYC Subway Maps
Magnetism Studios
CityTransit is a complete guide to the New York City Subway system. It's the only NYC subway guide that includes the official new 2010 MTA licensed subway maps, line data, a GPS-based station finder and live service...
Routesy Pro Bay Area San Francisco Muni, BART, Caltrain, AC Transit
Routesy is the easiest way to find your way around ALL the Bay Area's top transit systems -- San Francisco Muni, BART, Caltrain, and AC Transit -- in real time! Simply choose the line you want to ride, and Routesy will...