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Claudio Bisegni
My Track is a software for personal location tracking for iPhone. It allows to record your position during a walk, a run or an excursion in mountain. It allows also to create more tracks and memorize it on iPhone....
Gadget Frontier
Never get lost again! Let TakeMeBack guide you back to any place on Earth with a tap of your finger. It's amazingly simple, just: 1. Tap "Store Location" 2. Run off to anywhere! 3. Tap "Take Me Back" TakeMeBack can...
Seek Cache
Seek Cache allows you to find geocaches which are near you right now. Fast, easy, and free! Seek Cache even allows you to select the coordinates of the cache and open it up in an embedded map -- all without leaving the...
Toronto Traffic
Mark Pavlidis
*** Quickest and easiest access to traffic cameras *** Toronto Traffic provides up to the minute access to webcams and traffic flow maps for all major routes in the Greater Toronto Area. Instantly view traffic...
Car Finder Plus
Cinn Dev
Have you ever parked your car and forgotten its location? Have you ever spent frustrating time tying to remember the lot level on which you left your vehicle? Have you ever gotten into an argument with your significant...
Simty - Parkscheine kaufen (Handyparken)
Simty GmbH
Bei Simty können Sie direkt mit Ihrem iPhone Parkscheine auf öffentlichen Parkplätzen kaufen. Derzeit in dies in den folgenden Städten möglich: - Berlin - Hamburg - Köln - Mainz - Lübeck - Butzbach - Bad...
Use the power of the iPhone's GPS to measure distances between locations or along a path traveled. Distance can also export the data it collects to create maps for Google Earth, Google Maps or any application that...
Speed Alert
Roberto Fraboni
Speed Alert helps you to know your speed and comply with speed limit. Select speed value according to your way, choose the alarm sound you like and Speed Alert will kindly advice you, for the sake of you and you...
Take Me To My Car
Eldar Sadikov
If you like this app, but want more functionality (ability to take notes, track parking time, set meter timeout, use hybrid maps, change parking spot by dragging marker, or ability to keep track of multiple locations),...
Qibla Finder
Tommy Westerberg
Finds the exact Qibla direction to Al-Kaaba in Mecca. Simple one click application. It uses the correct Qibla direction method obtained by the spherical trigonometric formula, as described by dr Kamal Abdali, using...
Emergency Distress Beacon
Cinn Dev
======================== CINN DEV IS GIVING AWAY APPS! FOLLOW US ON www.twitter.com/cinndev TO GET FREE CINN DEV APPS! ======================== You're lost in the middle of nowhere. You’re trapped in an earthquake,...
No Name Industries, LLC
Odometer is a take-along application that will be able to track distances as you walk, drive, boat, ski, or whatever! Use odometer when going out on a walk or run to calculate traveled distance. Features: - Simple...
Tide Graph
★ STAFF PICK June 2009! ★ TOP 1% of all paid apps on iTunes! ★ Works with iOS v2.0 and up (including 4.0!) ★ 1/4 million tide predictions sent each month NEW IN THIS VERSION: Monthly Tide Table View Tide Graph...
Hahn Software LLC
For the iPad, check out AyeTides XL! AyeTides displays tides and currents (also known as tidal streams) for nearly 10,000 tide or current stations worldwide (currents only available in North America). It does not...
David Schreiber
GeoNumbers displays the latitude, longitude and, if available, altitude of your iPhone. It can send your location to one or more recipients via email, or copy it into other apps. If your iPhone is able to determine...
Andrew Crawford
* VERSION 1.3 JUST RELEASED * * More accurate positioning * Tons of bug/hang fixes * In-app browser * Much much more! Geofinder lists the geocaches closest to your current location. When I first got my iPhone, I was...
Signal Fire
myb design
"Signal Fire" allows you to share your current location with your friends simply. • You can search your location and modify it. • You can send map URL or map image URL via email. • You can post map URL to...
Garafa, LLC
LIMITED TIME SALE and Snow Sports Additions! - TIME Magazine’s 15 Fantastic Gadgets “Perfect for hiking or mountain biking. The social aspect of the app's real-time friend-tracking feature, ‘Squawk!,’ makes all...
GPS Tracker
InstaMapper LLC
InstaMapper is a free real-time GPS tracking service. Use it to track an iPhone online, share your location with friends and family, and record tracks for later analysis. Free registration is required. See...
Mobile Geographics
Get tide and current predictions for over 7,000 locations worldwide. Tides automatically looks up the closest prediction station to your location and retrieves the tide table for that spot. Find out when to go clam...