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Bela Vista
Bruno Naz
Aplicativo do Shopping Bela Vista.
hua zhao
网址导航浏览器,您iPad的专用浏览器。 要搜新闻看电影追电视剧吗? 要上淘宝上天猫上微薄吗? 要用百度谷歌快捷搜索吗?...
An-2 kukuruznik - Sturmovik - the legendary pilot in 1940
Johathan Sargent
The An-2 kukuruznik is a very simple arcade game. 
Now you don’t need to push a lot of buttons on the screen of your iPhone. To play this game the only thing you need is to tilt you iPhone to the left or to the...
Distances Live
Leandro Palmieri
*** 50% off for a limited time only! *** Distances Live uses the exclusive iOS 8 features to add a widget to your Today's feed that tells you how far you are, in a straight line, from places in real-time. Set up your...
LPG France
Martin Bovan
Find all LPG autogas filling stations local to you. LPG France allows you to create and share LPG Stations in real time. Find a LPG Station location with Apple Maps and spoken turn-by-turn navigation. FEATURES: -...
Road Radars
Murat Sisman
Road conditions with the application; prepared using many institutions and user database up to date road condition information so you can learn. Traffic lights, fixed and mobile radars, such as sharp bends in a...
Jupitee P.C.
Detailed hand-drawn, offline 3d maps Discover Barcelona street by street with inkymaps and Europeana cultural digital collection
PIRS Creative Lab
Nowadays, the world is full of information. The problems appear when one tries to get information about "here and now", especially, if it is to be delivered in an easy to understand, discreet and simple manner. It is...
Candle Power
Description Don’t get lost in University of California, Los Angeles. Simple but must-to-have mobile app for UCLA community. Features Search Building – Search a building with names (and their acronyms) and display...
Energy Reform
Energy Reform
Energy Reform App. หากท่านสนใจจะติดแก๊ส หรือหากรถท่านเกิดปัญหาเกี่ยวกับระบบแก๊ส App...
Vindmølle Radar
Anders Lauridsen
Med Vindmølle Radar kan du... - se nærmeste vindmøller ved din nuværende position, eller ved en hvilken som helst adresse i Danmark. - se vindmøller i en bestemt kommune. - se vindmøller af en bestemt producent....
Navman SmartGPS Mobile AU/NZ
The Navman SmartGPS companion app for SmartGPS 2.0 gives you a seamless navigation experience, featuring sync and share, sending your favourite locations wirelessly to your SmartGPS using WiFi or Bluetooth. This FREE...
moParking Free - Automated Car Finder and Park Meter Alarm
murbit GmbH
moParking is your automatic mobile mobility assistant: * add custom notes and photos to easily find back to your car * navigate back to your parking place by simply using Apple Maps * get reminded to avoid parking...
iMap Measure
John Rhea
“Map Measure” measures area or distances using Maps. Quickly measure your properties’ lot, driveway, roof, or anything else visible on the map. Users or Contractors can easily share their measurements with the...
Drivermatics Limited
Drivermatics provides you with feedback about your driving style and behaviour to allow you to become a more proficient and safer driver. Drivermatics uses the GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors in your...
blind in Karlsruhe
Henrique Kohler
Blind in the City / Blind in Karlsruhe is a navigation tool based on the Munich Orientation Convention. It divides the city like a cake into 12 sectors and also lets you know location codes, making it easier to answer...
blind in Colonia
Henrique Kohler
Blind in the City / Blind in Colonia is a navigation tool based on the Munich Orientation Convention. It divides the city like a cake into 12 sectors and also lets you know location codes, making it easier to answer...
Foodcard - первый электронный платежный сервис по корпоративному питанию. Мобильное приложение "Foodcard" - это личный кабинет...
Aplicativo de rastreamento veicular para os clientes Appsafe. Monitore seus veículos, bloqueie, visualize relatórios e muito mais, tudo em tempo real.
GeoFlyer 3D Map US & Canada Lite - GPS Tracks, Routing and Offline Maps for Hiking, Biking and the Outdoors
GeoMind (Abaco Group)
How would you like a mapping app with routing and GPS tracking that offers you the BEST 3D VISUALIZATION for the outdoors? How would you like a mapping app that shows points of interest in 3D with info or links to...