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MC Analyzer

by Sascha Bienert
MC Analyzer is a powerful digital multichannel real-time analyzer and full scale level meter for your iPad or iPhone. It displays signals from the internal microphones as well as the 3.5 mm audio jack. In combination with an external multichannel USB-audio-interface it is capable of displaying even up to 8 channels simultaneously.

MC Analyzer also fully supports Audiobus and Inter-App Audio!

App features:
- real-time spectra of up to 8 channels (per source)
- save and load records in separate workspace
- compatible with external USB-audio-interfaces (e.g. Alesis, RME Fireface) and stereo microphones (e.g. TASCAM, Røde)
- add additional sources via Audiobus or Inter-App Audio
- select channels of sources
- select built-in microphones and polar patterns
- manual and automated calibration routine
- source display modes: separate channels, combined, sum
- languages: English, Deutsch, Русский

Analyzer features:
- band filter mode: octaves, thirds, semitones
- FFT mode: 10 - 22000 Hz frequency range
- block sizes: 46ms - 1.5s
- windowing of input signals
- real-time peak display
- pinch zoom and cursor magnifier

Level meter features:
- response time modes: impulse, fast, slow
- peak indication

Recent changes:
- improves performance and stability

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MC Analyzer MC Analyzer MC Analyzer MC Analyzer MC Analyzer

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